Happiness or misery… the invisible dynamic

Tikkun is a Hebrew word, means correction.

I am yet to hear a Westerner, or an Easterner use the word: correction. The world, nowadays, is into “fixing”. 1

Fixing is an ugly world, immediately signaling what the speaker sees, that there is something wrong and it urgently needs to be fixed, because it is wrong that it is. Reactive.

But when emotions run high, the cone of vision narrows, your intelligence plummets, and stupid as the stupid does, your fixing creates new problems, that are the next thing to fix.

Compare that with the approach of correction… course correction… returning to the path of true north. Continue reading “Happiness or misery… the invisible dynamic”

What is MY Tikkun? Tikkun is your soul correction. Kabbalah

Tikkun is soul correction.

Why does the soul need correction?

Because the original vessel that became the souls of humanity was created for pure receiving. And although it was ‘infected’ with the desire to receive for the sake of sharing, its base and original nature is desire to receive for the self alone.

Each soul correction aka Tikkun has a different way of desire to receive for the self alone…

With that said: your Tikkun is your soul correction.

My tikkun, my soul-correction is ‘Forget Thyself.’ That is #34. You get to the soul correction number through adding up the individual digits of your date of birth. It will be a two digit number…

Ultimately, we could guess that soul correction is a Kabbalistic numerology guided phenomenon. Continue reading “What is MY Tikkun? Tikkun is your soul correction. Kabbalah”

Who am I and what gives me the right to write about Kabbalah

kabbalahchick is Sophie Benshitta, aka Maven SophieGood question, right? You were just about asking that… Gotcha!

OK, simple question, simple answer.

First I tell you what I am not:

  • I am not a Kabbalist. Kabbalists study, practice, and teach Kabbalah full time, for many many years. It could be even said that being a Kabbalist is like an insider… you need to be appointed.
  • I am not a teacher of Kabbalah
  • I am not a guru
  • I am not someone who knows a lot about Kabbalah but doesn’t live it.

OK, then what am I? Continue reading “Who am I and what gives me the right to write about Kabbalah”