Your deserving factor, your earning factor… How much do you deserve? How much have you earned? Are you worth a damn?


I am listening to step 1 of the 67 steps again. The seventh time? Eighth time? I have lost track.

And as is usual for me, I am seeing something that Tai is not saying, and I kind of have been seeing, but not really. In the corner of my eyes.

What makes you a slacker?


The smarter you fancy yourself, the stupider your behavior. The big picture of your life...

This article is slightly philosophical, I cycle through many ideas to get to a conclusion that makes a difference. You can jump to the end, to the conclusion, and we'll know what you are... This article is about you.

Life's way is to handle one thing at a time... make it work and keep it working. Then, when it's working reliably, Life will start on the next thing.

Most of Life is continuing... not starting. Or modifying and continuing. Or adding and removing. But continuing... Getting better and better. Growing. Continue reading "What makes you a slacker?"

What does that nice cup of coffee or tea have to do with having a Self?


How much voice do YOU have in the chorus of the voices that live in your head?

It's Thursday morning, and I am starting a new experiment.

Yesterday I discovered that I have no idea what it is like to eat when you have an appetite. I observed myself, and I solely eat, have been eating, for taste. Texture. The mouthfeel.

But my physiology wants me to eat for appetite. 1 Bummer, I don't know the first thing about appetite... 🙁
I look at different languages to get a clue... In Hungarian appetite, the word, says "the desire to eat". Hm. In other languages there are appetizers... that grow that desire to eat, or maybe to wake up the dormant desire? Continue reading "What does that nice cup of coffee or tea have to do with having a Self?"

Read again: Is your inability to say what happened a type of mental illness?


This morning something pulled me back to bed after I got up.

I considered it guidance, and I got back to bed.

What came next was amazing: trips down memory lane, all centering around mental illness, mental stability, your TLB, and what was in common among the many people I remember so clearly, people I spent time with in mental institutions.

As an empath, other people's feelings, emotions tend to tug at me. today 99% of what I feel is not mine... But before I became conscious, before I started to climb the consciousness tree, 30% of the feelings I felt were mine. I also had a lot more noise in my head... all talking at the same time.

The only reason I know, with 20/20 hindsight, that I was hospitalized not for what I felt, is that none of the medication worked... I wasn't the person who was crazy, I just felt the craziness of others.

My theory of mental illness has always been that it is an escape... a hiding place.

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Reality for dummies


A few years ago I made a lot of money selling my Sleep Rescue Remedy. It worked, and 80% of the buyers bought it again. All I needed to do is fill and ship bottles fast enough.

Sleep is a big problem, and unless it is solved, people are getting more and more incoherent and less and less brilliant, less and less able to contain their anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, or desires...

Sleep is a lot like eating: people are unwilling to be disciplined about it, and they pay the price. A big price.

But it is a potentially big money maker.

So why am I not pursuing it? After all making money is good, right?

My answer even surprised me: because it is boring.

Hm, interesting. Is all making money boring? Continue reading "Reality for dummies"

Do NOT set ambitious goals… sounds counter cultural? Of course, what else did you expect?


If the caterpillar planned to become a butterfly, there would be no more butterflies.

In the famous marshmallow experiment by Walter Mischel. He said that the 30% of the kids that didn't eat the marshmallow, didn't even look at the marshmallow. They kept doing other things, keeping their eyes off the marshmallow. Consciously, intentionally, purposefully.

I have read a lot about that experiment, I have even written about it, but I didn't know that the "winners" avoided looking at the marshmallow. that piece was missing for me, until now. 1

Watching that TED talk 2 yesterday opened up something inside, that is still full of swirling fog, ethereal figures, and yet, I know that something from the invisible has been released. Continue reading "Do NOT set ambitious goals… sounds counter cultural? Of course, what else did you expect?"

Making you smarter by increasing your brain’s neural connections


All thought that does not lead to action, said Goethe, is a disease. It’s like the Dalai Lama’s 3 levels of knowledge: Hear. Comprehend. Do. And do it until it becomes second nature... but not until then.

How is your brain pruning going?

I've known a lot if people in my long life. I have spent time with all kinds... Decades in off-color company.

One period I spent my time with gay people, men, in one of the one-time gay playgrounds of the world, Budapest. Party crowd... it was fun. Hard to achieve anything in the world, but fun... mostly.

Some of it wasn't fun. I was a girl... And I was not gay. So their sex parties weren't fun for me.

One person I met there was a young male prostitute with thick foundation (makeup) had syphilis. He wore the makeup to cover the lesions on his face.

And this article is interested in that coverup...

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There is a secret switch at 200 vibration… so secret you miss it unless you are told

8 Views fact, without that secret switch you can't really get to 200 vibration, and if by accident (siphoning someone else's energy) you got there... you'll lose it... because to get to 200 and stay there... you need this capacity...

Everyone has a good firm suggestion what is the most important spiritual capacity of a person who'll go far... very far, or at least as far as experiencing the good life goes...

Because the good life is not very far... no matter what anyone says.

The main difference between someone who is living the good, the excellent life, and someone who is struggling, trying to get to the good life is not on the outside. Continue reading "There is a secret switch at 200 vibration… so secret you miss it unless you are told"