Tough choices: knowing what’s important

Churchill and the dalek: tough choicesTough choices: knowing what’s important

Life is really so incredible perfect when you are committed to something, and therefore you look at everything through that commitment.

Here is a quote I had attached to my kitchen cabinet for four years. When I moved it was impossible to save it: it crumbled… lol. It has an awful lot to do with who I am today, and the incredible results I was able to produce in those four years:

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Choices: who is making your choices?

choices-3Life is full of choices. We, for the most part, don’t see that we are choosing because the chooser is the mind, is habit, is societal right and wrong, and we don’t get to experience the fact that every time we choose something we say yes to something and no to everything else.

For example, when you choose to always take the long road, when you choose to move slowly and hesitantly, or alternatively being in a hurry, haste… (your typical life, wouldn’t you say?) you choose to fill your life with stuff that doesn’t contribute to you… you are just wasting time. 1 Or when you choose to wait till the last minute to do the homework that is observing this or that… you also really choose to not do it… because you can’t observe in the last minute… so you chose to stay the same… Can you see that?

I know it is quite futile to strive to wake up everybody, but I am allowed to strive to wake up some people, so that’s what I am going to do.
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