Keep your wits about you. Don’t be a monkey with a big brain

Keep your wits about you… or what it takes to become a human being instead of a monkey with a big brain

One of the amazing things I learned from The Jungle Book is that humans are really just monkeys, if we look at their behavior. Lots of chatter, no aim, short attention span, have no ability or even need to think independently…

Very interesting findings. Once you put your attention on a behavior, capacity, characteristic, you start to see what it does for you… or conversely, what the lack of it does for you.

The capacity I am now observing is attention. 1There is a fundamental difference between learning ABOUT attention and TRAINING your attention. I saw that there are courses on Khan Academy about attention, just like we have done the coursera course, learning to learn. Both are about… not the doing of it. Continue reading “Keep your wits about you. Don’t be a monkey with a big brain”

Yesterday’s Talk to Me webinar

I have one or two opportunities every week to be taken way way beyond what I know. It is triggered by a certain listening… with a fertile echo.

I have a lot more conversations that those one or two… but most people’s listening is so narrow, or so muddled, or infertile, that nothing new can come out.

Yesterday I was lucky and I had a person with an incredibly fertile echo on the call… and I took advantage of it.

This, in the face of most people not even hearing what I was saying… they were already thinking about some thing… So I kept going back to Baheej for nurturing… to be heard.

I am attaching the recording of that call for your pleasure