An exercise to begin to raise your awareness

An exercise to begin to raise your awareness so you can start on the path to the good life

Awareness is the number one predictor of how your life will turn out. High awareness: a much better life.

In essence, awareness is a number that shows how much of your time you spend outside of the mind… how much of reality can get through to you.

I just had an insight.

Most people can’t see anything that they didn’t already see. Nothing new can penetrate their awareness… No changes even, nothing… One way mirror. And you are on the mirror side. I can see you making faces at your reflection, picking your nose, etc. What i don’t see you is seeing what is on the other side of the mirror. And when I say, hearing works the same way.

Seeing what you have always seen, hearing what you have always heard is not useful.

Most people are on this site because they want to raise their vibration. And raising your vibration means seeing what you haven’t seen before, bringing conscious awareness to all areas of life.

Some people have a real difficulty with that.
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