What is human nature and what is human being nature?

he-who-has-so-little-knowledge-of-human-nature-as-to-seek-happiness-by-changing-anything-but-his-own-disposition-will-waste-his-life-in-fruitless-efforts-nature-quoteThis article may not be to your liking… Be forewarned… If you stay, please make sure you read the footnotes. If you don’t know what they are… you know what to do…

What is human nature?

Counter to new agey bs, counter to positive thinking, etc. Human nature, at this point, is to desire everything ONLY for themselves. Or shall I talk to you? Only for yourself. Sharing is not a capacity that is compatible with human nature.

Why? Because human nature is all about survival.

The fastest way to break up a family is to die… and then the people who inherit from you will fight and hate each other.

My two brothers did that over an old rare book… both wanted it. They haven’t warmed up to each other since… this was 20 years ago.

It is so in sex, it is so in business, it is so everywhere.
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Raising Your Vibration: It’s a process, not an event

It’s a process, not an event

One of the issues you may deal with is the result of widespread misinformation. It’s been around for thousands of years, and it is as damaging as any mass-distributed toxin, maybe even more. Why? Because your body can’t manufacture antibodies against it.

The idea of instant healing, instant transformation, instant transfiguration is what I am talking about.

That idea makes you think that you can get from A to Z in one fell swoop 1

Life doesn’t work that way. Life is based on principles, one of them is the Principle of Process.

Insights may happen instantly, but turning an insight into a breakthrough, or a result takes a process. But often insights take a process as well.
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Muscle Testing To Raise Your Vibration

bach flower remedies to raise your vibration Muscle Testing To Raise Your Vibration

I have been trying to get the Muscle Testing program ready for sale, but I have had a snag: the emotions list was too long, too cumbersome, and most people would not be able or willing to go through a list of 100 stages… including myself.

Even measuring the vibrational level of each feeling didn’t feel right. Now what?!

But I suddenly had an inspiration, a minute ago, and I think I have had the solution all along, just didn’t think of it that way.

The Bach Flower Emotions and the Bach Flower Energies are perfect. They are recognizable, they are real, they cover all the field of character defect and attitude errors.

So I am going to use those as a guidance system to attack your “garden pests” in the garden of your being.

How does it work?

You observe your symptoms. You find the matching Bach Flower Remedy. You either buy the remedy at your local health food store, or order it online. You practice observing the ego aspects of your personality, and with the help of the Flower you transform it.

You will use muscle testing to make sure that you are picking the right Flower. But even if you pick the wrong one, you are going to start the work of weed picking, and your vibration will rise.

You’ll get better, and you’ll fly higher.

Warning: you should do this for the purpose of identifying, and correcting your ego-self. To get instant gratification is nice, but will not raise your vibration permanently: you need to earn your vibration and you can only do it with conscious work.

The Flowers help but will only do transformation, which is impermanent. Transfiguration is the goal: that is permanent.

So, what is your next step?

Your best bet is to buy a book on Bach Flower Remedies: I like the books by Mechthild Scheffer and Stefan Ball. I, personally, nowadays, always refer to Mechthild Scheffer‘s book: it speaks the language I resonate with: I read it and feel the feeling associated with the flower… perfect for me. Which means, to me, that I find her the most “Tree of Life” and the others Tree of Knowledge… i.e. they got to their conclusions through thinking, not connecting.

Nevertheless, I think the workbook by Stefan Ball is useful for you. Buy them locally, or order them from Amazon. I buy them on Amazon.

I will quote each flower from Mechthild’s book and add my empath observations, maybe experience.
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Side Effects: Trivedi, Gopal, Source Energy by the Tangerine Method: if the energy is strong, there will be side effects

typhoon devastation both in the Philippines and in your ego Side Effects: Mr.T, Gopal, Source Energy by the Tangerine Method: if the energy is strong, there will be side effects

I was on a call with Gopal and Gopal blasted me… I don’t know how other people got it, but it whacked me. Thank you Gopal.

The areas it hit were ego and my stomach area…

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What is Transformation?

What is transformation? How does transformation help you to live a life of purpose, grace and ease? And how is transfiguration a whole different ball of wax?

I have been participating in transformation or transformational technology for 26 years…

There are two parts to transformation:

1. Unconcealing.

Unconcealing is a very important part of becoming a whole human being.

When you, as a human being, are fragmented, what happens that different aspects, and sometimes different physical parts of you don’t share information, and act as if they were alone responsible for running your life.

One aspect is the triune brain: the reptilian brain, the one that reacts with fight or flight, doesn’t let the rest of the brain in on what makes it react, and because of the lack of the communication it takes the rein and runs your life when it’s the most inconvenient and costly to you: when you want to accomplish something that feels risky.

Story time:

My brother, Laci, work for me. Often, the tasks he needs to do for me can only be done on my computer.

We use a software, a kind of technical support type of software, where the remote person can operate the other computer as their own.

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