How to turn your life, an oceanliner around in a tight bay…

…or how should you go from where you are to where you want to be, emotionally, in your health, wealth, love, and happiness.

I ended my core group training, and as it seems I now have some energy to coach.

Instantly three “associates” called, on the same day, and I accepted all three for some friendly coaching: just for the fun of it.

Who or what kind of people are people I like to coach:

  1. They need to have a business already. That shows courage and direction. That shows that they are above 95% of humanity, maybe even more. They are up to something and therefore the coaching can have a direction.
  2. They need to need the coaching, and they need to know it. They need to request it and make a commitment to take the steps I recommend. Rare indeed.

One of these people probably won’t have a big enough commitment and will be “fired” by me.

Another one of these people is probably going to want to quit when the going gets tough or make me do his work… I’ll probably fire him.

The third guy will succeed, beyond his wildest dreams.

How do I know it? Because when I shared with him the article I wrote some three years ago on the method of turning a big ship around in a tight bay, he cried. I mean wept…

Then he found the video below: and sent it to me. He was “touched, moved and inspired.”

He will take actions, even though it is his son’s birthday and Easter all at the same time. Even though he has a wife with “good ideas” to keep him busy and off-track… 🙁

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The Kaizen way of changing… aka Trimtabbing yourself to a full change

In this article I am using an example in which we are starting a new business with the Kaizen 1 way… a business that is going to succeed and more importantly, where growing it causes the owner of the business to grow into the kind of person who can… can make a lot of money, can sustain growth, can have it all… can build a life worth living.

So, this article will be about change, or better said the art of change.

Change is scary, mainly because it is a disruption. And it also requires one to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Working with me is designed to cause lasting changes… but it is really always up to you. Continue reading “The Kaizen way of changing… aka Trimtabbing yourself to a full change”