Can you handle it? Can your spouse handle it?

Whether a person is successful or not can be boiled down to this question… successful people say they can handle it, unsuccessful people say they can’t. And this is where your word (I can/I can’t) will give you everything.

I have read about a man whose doctor told him that he had terminal cancer, and he should go home and take care of his things. The man went home, took care of his things. A week later he died.

Turns out he was healthy. He didn’t have terminal cancer, he didn’t have any cancer, didn’t have any disease. He died because he said: I can’t handle it…
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Reframing: Are you happy?

I am always looking for guidance from whatever is giving guidance.

I am also looking for confirmation. My mind is a meaning making machine, like yours, and I catch myself looking for meaning in everything.

I am like a GPS… in order for the GPS give you accurate actions, it needs to know where you are at.

I am looking for the GPS function, the locating function part of the guidance. I am an experimenter, and I am aware, what can be easier, right? Continue reading “Reframing: Are you happy?”

How to turn an oceanliner around in a tight bay…

…or how should you go from where you are to where you want to be, emotionally, in your health, wealth, love, and happiness.

I just ended my core group training, and as it seems I now have some energy to coach.

Instantly three ‘associates’ called, on the same day, and I accepted all three for some friendly coaching: just for the fun of it.

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