Reality? collective hunch at best! said Lily Tomlin

lily-tomlin-actress-quote-reality-is-nothing-but-a-collective-hunchMy article Energies Part 4: Designer Energies has been read by many people, and everyone I have spoken with, has, so far, misunderstood it. It matches not reality, but what they think of as reality

Why? Because the article touches on the most fundamental worldview through which you perceive everything: Through your personal reality.

You can’t see it, you can’t verbalize it, you don’t believe when someone calls it your worldview: it is reality for you, and that’s that.

No matter who it is, what they do for a living, what level of education, what level of vibration they are at: we all have a personal reality. Each vastly different from another’s…

In a conversation I just had with a client who is of Hungarian descent but was born in this country (the USA) I shared that Hungarian parents don’t talk to their children in the high pitch voice and baby words as Amarican parents do. They talk lovingly, but normally.

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The conspiracy to keep you miserable, wretched, and limited

unreasonableHow everything you know, everything you ever learned from others, everything is being taught makes you miserable, and unable to become an Expanding Human Being

I woke up this morning with crystal clear upsight: if you have a because then you are wretched or you are heading to being wretched.

In the book, Snow Crash, there are two main characters, Hiro and Y.T. 1

They win the war that is waged against humanity.

Hiro is a hacker, and a master sword fighter. He fights to win the affections of a girl.

Y.T. fights because what else is there to do.
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