The most important skill to master so your life will matter?

act as if your life matters so that it doesMattering is a feeling. Nothing matters and everything matters.

But if you don’t feel your life matters, then you’ll live consistent with that…

Some mornings it is hard to write an article.

Ultimately, when I examine the possible causes, I find that I am scattered. My attention flits, and it is looking for more reasons to flit (flitting: Move quickly in an apparently random or purposeless manner).

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Why you are excitement seeker… explained

Lighting up curiosity is like alchemy… not distinguishable from magic

My notes… if you are inclined to transcribe this episode, I am inclined to trade my products or services with you…

the two brains
curiosity is a right brain phenomena
learning is a left brain

curiosity, when properly awakened, is the spark or the initial much needed step to cause learning.

ignorance is caused by no curiosity.
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