You can’t become extraordinary if you live an ordinary life

I am getting a lot of requests to teach people how to become people who live a life worth living, who excel in all four areas, all four pillars of the good life.

My answer is almost always: Sorry I can’t help you.

But why?

Today I got lucky and got my answer in a pristine form.

My University classmate, Panni called me. We talk once a month. She is, of course an architect: we were classmates in architecture school, a five year study.

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People are writing to me that they had no trauma to bring to the Sunday Feelings Webinar.

A trauma is an incident. The significance is in your emotional response, not in what happened. The same incident is no big deal for others, but it is, or was a big deal for you.

Here is an example from my life:

I went on my biweekly grocery shopping trip with the old folks van yesterday.

They asked what’s new, and I shared that I asked the Community Center to give me a chance to do a short lecture on water. The answer to that was a groan. Audible, and coming from a deep reluctance and distaste.

It wasn’t the right time to deal with it then and there, so I stored it away for analysis later.

And this is “later”… let’s do it now.

First off: the groan awakened a whole series of memories, unpleasant memories of earlier similar incidents.

Earlier similar is a technical term.

Let me explain:

When you are upset, you are never upset from or by what is happening right now. Continue reading “People are writing to me that they had no trauma to bring to the Sunday Feelings Webinar.”

Narrow cone of vision and your health

narrow-cone-vision-health-adviceImagine having to find your way through a maze without seeing past the tiny circle a flashlight can illuminate?

“Luckily” you only have to look at your life. Your health, your money, your love life.

You ARE living your life, a veritable maze, by the light of a flashlight.

You read an article here… yay, I see may way. A sound bite there… yay, I see now… But it is still the tiny flashlight method: you don’t see the big picture, you don’t see your way to the good life.

Seeing the full picture, the big picture capacity, looking with consciousness that can see everything, is like turning the ceiling light on: you’d be seeing a lot more, wouldn’t you? Making less “narrow picture” mistakes…
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Can I, should I train you to do DNA activations for your family, friends?

Train-to-be-a-healerSomeone asked in a comment if I could train other people to do what I do, connect to Source on the 3rd level where you can channel the energy, the specific energy to cause something, like activating a DNA capacity.

This question is like the tip of the iceberg… it shows the worldview from where the question came from.

The worldview is: anyone with enough training could do anything.

Is that true? After all other people have opened healing schools, trained teachers, trained practitioners, trained coaches.

I am familiar with Landmark Education’s training programs. They train coaches, introduction leaders, seminar leaders.

They screen the applicants. The programs are rigorous, some even murderous.

Results: no good coaches, no good leaders, or not really. There are exceptions, but rare.

Why is that?
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7 steps to create ease and grace about making money?

dont-should-on-yourselfWhat does it take to have, make, save, invest, and spend money in a way that you end up enjoying it, benefiting from it, being enriched by money?

Before we can talk about money, we need to define what we mean by abundance… Abundance is a being that says: All is well with the world. Abundance is also an experience.

I don’t know anyone who lives in abundance, although all of us have experienced abundance for moments, minutes, hours… sometimes even days. Don’t kid yourself, rich people don’t live in abundance… every person I have ever checked, had some version of anxiety in them.

And yet… abundance is our birthright… we are hardwired for abundance. But because…
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The evolutionary approach to your inner stress, lack, misery

This article stands the current culture and the current approach to spirituality, consciousness, self-growth on its head… If you are happy to be miserable, please don’t read it!

Watch this short movie. If it doesn’t bring tears in your eyes, pain in your heart, then probably this article isn’t for you Continue reading “The evolutionary approach to your inner stress, lack, misery”