Read this article if you plan to remain a client

A spiritual practice like no other… Are you doing it?

What makes the ‘Stranger than Fiction‘ type of narration work like gangbusters to get you out of your head?

Stranger-better-than-Fiction-will-ferrell-272971_1024_768To my surprise not many people take advantage of the opportunity to watch a good movie and steal a habit that can be called a spiritual practice.

Steal a spiritual practice that can take you from a victim of your mind, to as near a human being as you can get in a few months’ time.

The movie, Stranger than Fiction is a really good movie.

but the best part of the movie is that the style of the voice that is speaking. The voice that the hero, Will Ferrell dude hears.

The way that voice talks is the exact type of inner speaking that you hear when you speak from the Witness’s position.

Hearing the little voice in your head from the Witness/Observer position is is heaven on earth. Lovely. You can even be entertained by it… I am.
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Locked in/Locked out… scarcity thinking

One of the phenomenon I notice with people is that they do not have moves in communication. This comes from the binary way of viewing the world… either/or, one or the other, yes or no.

One area where this is detrimental to your well-being, to your success, to your energy, to your mood, is promises.

Requests and promises are actions. But they are not binary, even though the multitudes, and your mother and your boss, treat them as such.

When I request something of you, you think you are locked in to say either yes or no.

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When you feel accused… DNA capacity activation learnings

I turn the capacity on, ego turns it off“It’s easier to evaluate your results through drunken delusion than to gaze soberly in the mirror and face the truth.”

I had another DNA capacity activation session today.

It was different. Some people had already had the same capacities activated before.

I found two big surprises… both strong enough to kick me in the gut:

  1. When I first download the energy to you that activates the capacity, it does what it does, goes through the phases, and when I check the muscletest says: it is turned on. When I come back to you, because you are on a webinar, it seems that there is a lot more work to do: especially on the level of ancestors.A lot lot lot more. It seems that until I open it all up, until the activation goes through your entire ancestry: millions of people, you will only have the capacity available to you… partially or not at all
  2. And in these cases, your ego turned the capacity off entirely.
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