The real reason why you are not happy, not fulfilled, not peaceful… and how to turn it around, maybe

contingent-happinessIf you found out that all the wrong turns, mistakes you made in your life… probably thousands, you made them because you didn’t see what there was to see.

A number of years ago, one leader in Landmark Education said: Most people either don’t sign up or quit as soon as they see it.

See what? You ask…

See that the solution to the issues of their lives, the decisions that would have taken them to success were there, but they didn’t see them.

I didn’t see them, and you didn’t see them.
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October special… Can the Power of this special day break through your resistance?

days-of-powerNew experiment: Can the spiritual power of the Days of Power be used to power an activation?

Activation of a spiritual capacity?

I am thinking of combining the Day of Power on Sunday, October 16, with the Unconditional Love Activator live activation.

If you have the activator already, then you are welcome to the call. If you don’t: you can buy any version between now and the session, and be eligible to be on the call.

Here is how the call will go:

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Spirituality uses different tools than the mind, the world

approximationSpirituality, finding your way, finding your self, the path to living a life worth living use different tools from science, schools, the mind, and ordinary thinking.

Not just different tools, but tools used differently.

If you haven’t found what you are seeking… if your seeking has taken you on a wild goose chase only to find nothing of value for yourself… then you owe it to yourself to learn to use the tools and to use them in new ways.

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It is exactly 57 times more complicated than that…

i-wont-apologize-for-who-i-am-2The current state of science, knowledge is “one size fits all”.

Just do this and this and this… and you’ll be happy, wealthy, healthy, and in love.

Every profession has their “this is the way, this is the truth” postage stamp size area where they dance…

The medical establishment, pharmaceuticals, psychologists, religion, education, and even the “spiritual” or “alternative” people.

I am a people watcher. I watch their behavior. I watch what they welcome, love, what they tolerate, what they avoid.

I remember I was about 30, and I said:

this is exactly 57 times more complicated than that.

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What is your self-image? Are self-image questions, personality profiles, Kolbe test give you a correct answer?

True-Self-Test-True-Self-IQThere is a fundamental built-in error in tests that involve answering questions about ourselves.

I have found that personality tests that rely on your knowing yourself and to predict what you would do in certain situations, are profoundly flawed. 1

I say this after working with thousands of people, one-on-one, observing them, feeling them (I am an empath) and comparing who and how they are compared to what they say about themselves.

The gap is significant between the two.

You believe yourself different from who you are, and you fill out your questionnaire by your belief. But your actions will still be consistent with who you really are, how you really behave, your real attitude, your real self, and you’ll be way off in your test results… 2

You’ll be like the mad hero, Don Quixote, who lived in a world of his own design, unaware that he was out of sync, and that his actions were mad in the real world. 3
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Updated: Soul correction: Silent Partner

Yet again updated… this soul correction is difficult for me…

A new insight is that the Silent Partner person refuses to allow their soul and their ego to form the “tumbleweed” that can take them to a life that is worth living.

The soul and the ego, the white wolf and the dark wolf.


Updated and a brand new interpretation: 9/6/2016
Soul Correction: Silent Partner: The Key To Being A Winner In Life completely resisted and refused.

Getting the essence of a soul correction is difficult, because it is tricky… and this one, Silent Partner, may be the trickiest of all. This update is the essence… as of today…

This is the soul correction where everyone bends over backwards to help a person, including the Universe, but the person got stuck at 3-year old… where they don’t need any help. They want to do it by themselves…

If that is not clear, the hallmark of a 3-year old is to not let you tie their shoe laces, because they already know… not. They stop asking why questions, or any questions, because they already know… or if they don’t… they pretend that they do.

Belligerent, forcefully independent, unwilling to accept help or support, no friends, no real associations… because they are the martyrs of the Universe… Self appointed martyrs, basking in it, and covering up the glee with smoke screens of fear… They love it.

 Tikkun is the Arameic word for soul correction.
 soul correction, or tikkun is a kabbalistic concept. In spite of what you feel, your soul is not all good… It is, actually, all about itself, all about receiving… Kabbalah says that the original souls… the vessel was created to receive for the sake of The Creator, so that the Creator has an outlet for its giving nature… so the vessel was all about receiving. Then the Big Bang happened, because the soul experienced bread of shame and refused to receive any more. The purpose of soul correction is to transform desire to receive for the self alone to desire to receive for the sake of sharing.
 Kabbalah is a 5000 year old knowledge tradition about how the Universe works. Its truth value is thirty percent (very high, given how much is unknowable).

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Updated: New equipment to energize your water

7/20/2016: BAD NEWS… this setup doesn’t work with the new size pitchers.

So forget about it. Sorry about that…

You can still do the “immerse your speaker in a zip lock bag on top of the metal tube…” method.
And one of my customers found a speaker that fits the new size tube…

Until I find a speaker that fits all specifications: it has a micro chip and is the correct size: I don’t recommend this new equipment. Using a flexible container and large headphones is still a good solution.

New development… or better said, new equipment for infusing your infusable energies, the Energizer®, the Heaven on Earth, the Unconditional Love Activator, and the Second and Third Phase activators.

After I have discovered that most of the buyers drink the water that is not fully energized, I had to think hard, again, what to do.

You see, the process of turning the incoherent water into coherent water is NOT gradual.
Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Atheists are the most spiritual…

demotivation.us_Religion-is-for-people-who-are-afraid-of-going-to-hell.-Spirituality-is-for-those-who-have-already-been-there_138262858294I have a friend who I call a few times a year, and then we talk a lot for a few weeks, and then not for months at a clip.

I’ve called him the other day, and now we are talking again.

Today he asked me a question that put me in touch with something I buried deep…

He asked me “What is Energized Water?”

I wanted to find out what he thinks energized water is. And that conversation lead from the pristine spring he got his drinking water from when he was a kid, through the hot springs of Lourdes, the healing waters, to a realization, that because I am an atheist, I have been not allowing myself to be moved.

I wrote notes while we spoke. This is what I wrote…
Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Healing… is that a negative word? Is that a sign of negativity?

negative-positiveDid you know that if you say: I need healing, what you are saying is that you are sick?

This includes inner healing, faith healing, etc…

And when you start from something wrong… like “I am sick”, you are on your way to create a context that is misery every step of the way.

If I needed to define what negativity is, it’s that “what is is wrong, and it needs to be fixed.”

Yesterday I was leading my Theta State training webinar, and I felt horrible. Partially, because I wasn’t feeling well myself. Partially because my students didn’t feel well. And yet partially because one of my students wrote to me, and I needed to feel their feelings stronger than they felt them… because I am an empath.
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Should you strive for leaving a legacy?

footprint in the sand

This is continuing the theme I started in my last post, looking at your life and priorities. This is a politically incorrect article… The footnotes are really important in this article, don’t miss them.

Let’s take a near posthumous look at your life… so you can see what was important, and do it while you still have time.

If you are afraid of death: this is especially for you. 1

Someone who lives fully and does what is important to them, isn’t afraid of death. They weren’t afraid of life, they aren’t afraid of death. That doesn’t mean they want to die… they are just not driven to panic by the sight of an life that never happened.

Yesterday I spoke about wanting to get my work out… but upon further examination, I realized that I fell for the cultural, societal mumbo jumbo, that is designed to have you be unfulfilled, and lose your self interest.

What am I talking about?

About legacy… What is your legacy? Can you feel the cold hands of dread squeezing your heart?
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