The Matrix… one method of the Matrix is confusion…

Just for clarification: the Matrix is the same as the Chicken Coop in the novel, White Tiger…

As a mad scientist, my job is to distinguish the “things” that are in your way of direction, in your way of clarity, and to devise ways for you to go around them or through them. 1

One tool that has proven invaluable is isolation. Isolating what you want to see. Seeing it by itself. So you can see it for what it is, in all its glory…

In nature, to our eyes, things are grouped, things are undifferentiated and solid.

Your language supports that too… everything is the same as everything else, except not always. 2 That is how we see. We don’t see boundaries, we don’t separate out what we want to see, we always see things together. We say: it IS… but there is no “it” and therefore there is no “is”. If we said: It seems that … then we would be closer to reality… but we don’t say that. That would require humility.
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Your two brains… have you been trying to be a creator with the first?

kelli-in-the-rawYesterday I got a request to review Kelli in the raw (Kelli Coffee Sessions – Kelli In The Raw TV)

She is quite charismatic, and looks and acts different than most of the people who are duping people. I went and experienced one of her youtube sessions… an “activation” session.

She generates and moves energy around with her hands, and talks. The energies felt very strong, very unpleasant, in the upper chest and the throat (greed).

Not Source energy. She taps into a “plane”, a reservoir of human imagination created energies. I have heard this plane called the Fourth Plane… gods, angels, spirits belong there. And evil.

Her, Kelli’s vibration is 170. She uses the 18 spiritual capacities she was born with. (World average is between five and six spiritual capacities).

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I had a heart to heart with Source… and let’s play a game

deafI had a heart to heart today with Source.

The conversation started with me asking how many itch mites I have on me. The numbers just didn’t add up… so I asked: “You don’t know, do you?” And Source admitted that it didn’t know.

The conversation continued about what Source knows and how.

Source does not have eyes to see. Source does not feel. Source only senses. And that is why itch mites can elude its observation: itch mites look and feel dead, inert, not alive, when you observe them. They have legs, they must have legs, because they move when you don’t watch them. So, unless an itch mite moves, Source doesn’t know it’s there. And obviously all I can do is guess… A conversation with Source plays out almost completely inside what I can think of… i.e. in the 2-3-4-5% of what is knowable.
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Voluntary slavery

voluntary-slaverySometimes I see something, or read something, and it hooks me.

I weep about it, dream about it, ponder about it.

If I know what it is that is significant, or if I even know what it is that I saw, I write a blogpost about it. After all, unless it is shared, I have a sense that it sunk back into the undifferentiated nothingness… as if it never happened.

This is why I ask my students to share… so far no one has gotten it… the gift that it is.
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Your negative thoughts and feelings are not the enemy

chiselingGreat works of art, science, philosophy are much like a sculpture: they are all chipping away the parts, that don’t belong… but start with a block of marble, a blank canvas, or a single idea.

I offer measuring people’s vibration, because every 30 measurements or so I have an epiphany 1 of sorts: I can unravel, I can see a tiny bit more of what I could not see before.

This is exactly what happened this morning.

The epiphany was about the Harmonizer audio.
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