Frazzled-unfrazzled…When your connection to Source fails

When your connection to Source failsMy health has turned to the worse in the past week or so.

I am experiencing almost unceasing pain, occasionally unbearable.

I don’t know what is hurting. And surprisingly Source isn’t helping. Why?

Give me a chance to explain how I got to the answer, instead of just giving it to you straight.

I have been promoting the Full Bach Profile and the 48 matching Bach Energies. I’ll talk about those later… but for now just know that is what I am doing.

The Bach energies are tools for the Inner Authority course.

Inner Authority is a course where we clear all our preconceptions, and the past from our space so we can feel the body’s guidance as it was meant to be… Continue reading “Frazzled-unfrazzled…When your connection to Source fails”