Vibrational Connection To Money or the Bottomless Pit that Greed is, taught by Christie Marie Sheldon

Summary: Every teacher will entrain you to their own vibrational frequency. Be careful who you pick: a teacher riddled with anger and greed will make you become a bottomless pit…

how to catch a monkeyIt’s the last day of the launch of the Unlimited Abundance program, Christie Marie Sheldon and MindValley’s flagship product.

They broke a million dollars in sales in the past two weeks with just this product.
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Effortless Abundance… finally an activator for that… I’ve made it wholistic

wholistic abundance checklistEffortless Abundance or Wholistic Abundance

From time to time I have famous gurus contacting me for a vibrational reading, and from time to time they want to work with me, meaning, they want me to teach them.

Now, the first price to pay, when you come to me, is your notion that you know something, and that what you know is true… and that you only need to add to that knowledge to be all you could be.

Especially, if you are someone who teaches others what you know, and they pay you handsomely, or not handsomely, but pay you.
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Abundance, money, love, entertainment… Can they be yours now? Can Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance take you there?

abundance as having all you needIn my previous article I write about the two dimensions a person can live, the horizontal dimension and the vertical dimension.

And in many of my articles I write that the part of you we can call Soul is actively seeking the fulfillment of its desire.
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What is the purpose of life? For humans? For you and me? By design…


Later in this post I quote an article from the Monday Morning Memo by Roy Williams. Although he is a Christian, he is accurate… lol… I know I am offending most of you. Good. I’d rather offend than leave you untouched.

Roy Williams’ field is advertising, he doesn’t know about the machine and dynamic of the human existence, and can’t offer you anything other than inspiration. But that, the human machine is my field of expertise, my field of “engineering” solutions so you can be happy, fulfilled, satisfied, because the solutions work. They restore you to the Original Design.

I have very little access to “most people” since I’ve stopped my free connection calls. Nowadays you have to pay to talk to me, so that puts me in touch with some of most people, but not the bulk, just some.

People are much easier and more casual with that purse strings 1 and even a measly dollar spent on something not food, not junk, breaks their hearts. Junk? of course… bring it on! Knowledge? useful… Naah.

No, this is not an article ranting about people not wanting to pay the buck to get into my webinars, no. This is about my experience on those calls of people that did pay a buck…

In those Pebble calls we look at what is your heart’s desire. Depending on your current success level, I have noticed, the less successful you are the more your desire is for Easy Street, for getting, for just plain having what you want.

leisure3“Work? Work is for suckers, it should be easy.” And you flutter from thing to thing, from shiny object to shiny objects. “Shiny objects” is a technical term for a software or program or method that promises you instant riches at the push of the button. No work, lots of money, this is what the advertising says. This is what the guru says. Unlimited Abundance. Instant Healing. Blah Blah Blah… I have tested their vibration, and they are promising you a lie.
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Unlimited Abundance Review: by Christie Marie Sheldon – is it any good?

unlimited-abundance-reviewUnlimited Abundance Review… a program by Christie Marie Sheldon

Before i do anything else: I’ll do a vibrational reading (review) on Christie…

Her personal vibration: 130. Truth value of her teaching: 3%… meaning: 97% is not true, not accurate, not effective.

Want to find out if your vibration is higher than hers?

I have gone to her webinars, and I have students who have. I have never met or spoken with anyone for whom it worked. It is a bestseller because people hope that they can amass abundance without working on themselves, without working on their skills, their attitudes, or working… period. The requirement for anyone to want this program is greed and hoping.

The whole methodology of Christie Marie Sheldon is to do incantations. Incantations like a witch, which is quite in character, considering her little wicked giggle, even though it is a nervous laugh, much like a tik… she probably has no control over it. It is irritating nevertheless.

Incantations are affirmation, words. The intention is to change the subconscious beliefs. But your subconscious beliefs aren’t what direct your actions. Your actions come from your beingness: which is either your default, or something higher and intended by your consciousness.

Your level of consciousness is more indicative of what you’ll do, than what is stored in your subconscious.

Not mentioning the fact that no affirmations, not even hypnosis has ever changed someone’s actions with any level of certainty, for any length of time. If it have, you would already know.

She says that she uses the energy of the audience, and she is not lying about that. She managed to put an energy sucking attachment on my neck: luckily I caught it early, because I had removed it from other people before. Her attachments seem to go deep and suck the aliveness, the will to live, the Life Force out of you.

My personal experience is that people who flock to Christie Marie Sheldon, are suckers for miracles, have no or low self confidence, and are not really willing to do what it takes to make a buck.

The testimonials are from the exception: people who are already making money, who have value to offer, and just by virtue of putting their attention on the area, start making more money. This is what we call the placebo effect.

Also, as an empath I can tell you with certainty, that Christie Marie Sheldon doesn’t believe a word she says, and neither does her promoter, owner of MindValley, an Indian guy, didn’t catch his name. Christie is riddled with greed and the impostor syndrome: a tightness in your center.
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