The Tiny Steps Approach To Life, aka trimtabbing or Kaizen

Warning: the biggest learning is in the PS!

I could make enemies with this article. But don’t worry: I won’t, unless by accident.

The success or business gurus, whose business will suffer if you follow this path, aren’t in the habit of checking what people say about the stuff they teach. They are so sure they got you, hook, line and sinker, that they will never suspect that they lost you to some other theory of success.

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The path to anything you want leads through 90% blockage elimination and 10% addition

If you are able to catch the point, have the power of distilling essence… aka called distinguishing, you have seen in all my work, and all of Tai Lopez’s 69 steps, that every single session, every single article, every single video is about stuff you do, be, see, believe, think, feel, that keep you stuck.

So, in essence, all spiritual work, and all transformational work is getting you unstuck.

And all fake programs, all fake gurus are about getting you stuck… filling your head with useless crap.

One of my students sent me a laundry (long) list of what she should do…

It was her 67-steps answers… answer to one of the steps… I don’t know what number.

It is not possible to do 100 things, especially in the thick of life. When you are in a hurry, upset, troubled, etc.

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Courage, confidence, audacity? Which do you lack?

When something isn’t working then there is ALWAYS something that you don’t know

You_Dont_Know_What_You_Dont-knowRemember that pie chart of everything that is knowable in the Universe? A tiny slice of that pie is what you know, and you know that you know it. Another tiny slice is what you know that you don’t know… so you could ask questions, you could take a course, read a book, and then you would know it.

A slightly bigger slice is what you don’t know that you know… so when I ask a question, you are sure that you don’t know… so you don’t even think… 🙁
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Are you my ideal customer? How did you find my site?

confrontingSummary: Now that I have lost my main source of income, I am back to the planning stage. I am back to finding out how to reach people who want what I have to offer: Energy remedies for peace of mind, freedom, power, and are willing to work for it at the same time, instead of waiting for a miracle or a pill or a magic bullet.

I am not often confronted. Being confronted always means that something or someone has breached the separation between your hidden self and your fake self.

You hide the stuff that you don’t think will work in the world, that will not buy you the image or goodies you want, the affection, appreciation, the job, the friends, the money.
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The Bible Code, DNA, the Original Design… Is the Bible a Code?

is the bible code?Some 10-15 years ago there was a blockbuster book, the Bible Code. It was written in the style of a report, but really it was a novel.

Its fundamental issue was the idea that the Bible (The Old Testament) is a code that tells everything about the future, the past and the present.

It used the original Hebrew “version” that is called the authentic “Torah” and it claimed that if you take out all the spaces and punctuation out of the text and make it a string of just characters, it can be used as a code.

The idea is bogus, but us, gullible humans grasping for some meaning in life, for some certainty, it was something to investigate.

Why is the idea bogus? Because for thousands of years the text of the Bible was an oral tradition: it was never written down… and something that passed through so many mouths cannot be considered a reliable foundation for a code by its letters.
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