What are you here for? Can you get it here? Let’s look together, shall we?

Everyone who comes to me or to my site, yourvibration.com, on some level wants to be more, wants to have more.

Most visitors come here AFTER they research how to get what you want… in whatever area of life they feel a lack.

So people come here with a sense of lack, neediness, and a hope that I can tell them what they need to have, or maybe can even give them what they need to have, so they can have what they want.

Unfortunately 99% of my site’s visitors leave disappointed… yet again.

Did I not give them what they need to have? I have, at a rate of about 70% goes away looking for someone who doesn’t tell them that they need to DO something… that wasn’t what they wanted… they didn’t want doing. Continue reading “What are you here for? Can you get it here? Let’s look together, shall we?”

What makes you a human being is human being qualities… They are called intrinsic values.

Intrinsic means that whether you see it or not, they are there. Every human has them, overtly or covertly, expressed or not expressed, it is part of the human DNA.

When I talk about the Original Design, that is what I am talking about. Examining the DNA, it is the same, essentially, for all humans. And the DNA of all humans have 160 intrinsic values, capacities to be in a certain way, activated or not.

For example: generous. It is a state of being. It is wanting something for others what you want for yourself. Generosity is the opposite of the standard human attitude: It is and either or world. It is either you or me. Dog eat dog. Competition, comparing.

This is why Soul corrections whose main characteristic is comparison and competing, are doing so pitifully in the validation challenge: it this challenge the main job is to be generous.

But in the either you-or-me-world being generous means you allow another to be more than you, and that means, inside that worldview, death, or it means that you have none. You gave yours. Continue reading “What makes you a human being is human being qualities… They are called intrinsic values.”

You are an object living in a world of objects…

My day started with an email that I got a comment on one of my old articles on Access Consciousness.

The modality taught by two good looking dudes, and frequented mostly by women.

The comment writer reports on her experience being groomed for being a sex object in the sex cult…

I felt her anguish (don’t forget I am a freaking empath… )

I muscle tested to be sure: she wasn’t lying.

Of course I should have thought that being considered a sex object, like a dildo, like a sex-doll is part of the objects-among-objects level of consciusness.. but I didn’t… I wept. In my long life every single sexual encounter was like that. I felt like a dildo… And having become too old to be used is a relief for me. I can be a person now.

I approved the comment, I looked in Google, and I was stunned to see that such accusations have been around at least eight years…

OK, time to wipe my eyes, and do my job… Cause a world where you can be a person… Cause a world where you treat others as a person…

So I read emails from my Validation Challenge. Continue reading “You are an object living in a world of objects…”

How I used the ‘how to boil a frog’ method to grow myself

immersion frogsI have been attempting to learn higher level marketing than I have been doing for a few years now.

Marketing is hard… and I don’t have a natural aptitude for it.

Every time I bought a program I ‘had to’ abandon it, because … well, I didn’t know why.

This is what I saw : Continue reading “How I used the ‘how to boil a frog’ method to grow myself”

Would doing more of what you are doing make you successful, happy, accomplished?

Most businesses, including my type of business… seem to accept anyone as a client.

But no business can serve everyone well.

Some people come, with credit card, cash in their hands, or their umbilical cord… ready to plug it into your business, and yet you, as a business, you as a person, are better off without them.

I can’t help everyone. I literally can’t produce the result you pay for without your participation, without you being part of the solution.

There is a saying: you can’t teach a pig to sing. It will only annoy the pig, and they’ll never sing.

This is not to say that some people are pigs… this is to say that some things you can do, some things you are willing to do, some things are in your nature to do, and others aren’t. Not a problem… Not wrong… those things are just beyond what you can do. Continue reading “Would doing more of what you are doing make you successful, happy, accomplished?”

Your actions are for the immediate and the cheap

This is a long article. It is only worth reading if you are interested in a different life than you are living. If not… not worth reading… Go back to Facebook, or your romance novel, or witches, goblins, vampires, or whatever you feel your life with.

I am re-reading one of my favorite fiction books, Reamde by Neal Stephenson.

The book feels slower than it was the first time. I saw only about 5% of it for the first time… But who I am and what I can see have changed subtly… I have two distinctions that I didn’t have when I first read it. I’ll share those two distinctions.

There are two characters in the book that manifest those two distinctions, Zula and Sokolov.

  • Honoring the timeless, what will never change… is one of the distinctions, and the other is
  • spending no, or only little time thinking of themselves.

Continue reading “Your actions are for the immediate and the cheap”