Does activating DNA capacities cause an epigenetic shift?

activate dna capacitiesAll humans are all born with a full DNA tree, like a ‘Christmas tree’ loaded with ornaments. Ornaments are the DNA capacities. Some of those capacities light up, they are active, most of those don’t light up. They are inactive or dormant.

DNA capacities? what is a DNA capacity?

Capacities are like abilities. In vocational testing, they test you for abilities that you can work with… Active abilities. They are not looking for more… even though there are abilities dormant in your DNA that could be activated, but aren’t.

Very few if any jobs are interested in training you to that degree. And even higher learning institutions concentrate on the material, not on your abilities… Those are totally up to you.

The more and more diverse and challenging activities you do in your life, successfully, the more abilities are activated.

The DNA capacities that those dark, unlit ornaments show as dormant are, for example, patience, compassion, perseverance, process, caring, generosity, stepping out of the picture, letting go of your obsession with what you want, seeing the big picture, intelligence, focus, connecting the dots, astuteness, empathy, process and lots more… a total of 160  capacities… Those are the prized qualities of real winners. Continue reading “Does activating DNA capacities cause an epigenetic shift?”

Why and how I watch Netflix? How my Netflix diet is not binging?

Like with any diet, both the what and the how are crucially important.

I’ll show you later in this article, that even if you eat the right things, if you eat wrongly, the how, you won’t feel good… you won’t get well. You won’t be present to life.

And so it is with your Netflix diet as well.

Here is how I watch Netflix…

I watch only stuff that will teach me the skills by pointing me to the capacities I could distinguish and then practice. I even take notes!

Whenever I see something noteworthy, I stop and contemplate it for minutes… long minutes. I consider Netflix my mentor… Continue reading “Why and how I watch Netflix? How my Netflix diet is not binging?”

Are you teachable?

you must become teachableI help people become the person who can have what they want to have. Will I be able to help you?

This is really the bottom line promise I have for you. But like every promise, it is conditional. Conditional on you… on you being teachable. Continue reading “Are you teachable?”

Remember: How I learned Hebrew and how it can help you to become the new human being in no time flat

remember Hebrew: you used to know it. Remember who you are: you used to know it.

Motto: Mentor: Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight

Remember who you are

In 1981 I got a letter from a man from Israel. He claimed to be a second cousin on my father’s side to me. He was coming to an educational conference in Hungary. He came with his wife.

We spent time together, they were staying with me, in my one-bedroom high-rise apartment in Budapest. He visited with every member of my family, and witnessed their contempt for me first hand.

He promised to be family to me if I decided to go to Israel.

One year later I packed a suitcase and left Hungary. illegally. It was winter in Hungary when I left, in fact it was below 15 minus, very cold. It was about 80 degrees in Israel when I arrived, penniless. I knew one word in Hebrew: shalom.

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It’s hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth.

eb3bf6d2bcf2ecaf1ee944306d115dd2Some days I have nothing to say. It doesn’t feel like there is anything to say that needs to be said.

Some people never have anything to say and they talk all the time. Others think that they have to first formulate it in their heads to say it, and it never comes together.

Professional thinkers, writers know that “it is hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur wen you open your mouth.”

Thinking is a lot like digging for gold. Someone or something has to hold the dirt, or you can’t get beneath it.
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