Energy you need to create the good life and maintain it?

how much energy do you need to create the good life and maintain it?If you want to grow as a person, or grow anything worth growing, you need energy. Lots of it. Continuously.

Physical law says that systems, unless they are very highly organized closed systems, like the brain, will fall apart with time (entropy)… Your life is NOT highly organized, because it is not a closed system. So in order for it to stay organized and effective, it needs a ton of energy to be injected, continually.

Left alone, your life starts falling apart. This is what happens during holidays and vacations.

Injecting energy into your life is going to be a crucial distinction you need to learn.

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Most things are only visible in hindsight.

hindsightMost things are only visible in hindsight.

Good or bad, it is immaterial.

    • My chiropractor has been unavailable Tuesday mornings for almost a month. By now I hurt. I spent two hours last night trying to get comfortable before I could fall asleep.

      I would have never know how much I need regular adjustments without taking a long break. Going there every week, kind of poo-pooing the individual experiences is what it’s taken me to be virtually pain free.I shared it with the chiropractor, because I thought that it is a good idea for his marketing: after all most people do not go to chiropractors, because they can’t even imagine that it can help… or they go when they are really broken.—A few years ago…
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Easy vs what works. Illusion vs reality… how to tell the difference?

bending spoon illusionWe are living in the matrix. We eat make-believe food, have make-believe relationships, fight for make-believe causes.

The main weapon of the illusion that it convinces you that it doesn’t exist. They used to say that about the devil… but the real devil is the creators, the pushers, the promoters of the illusion. 1

25 years ago I participated, briefly, in a 12-step program: Adult Children of Alcoholics. As you may know, the first step of joining a group like that is to pick a higher power. Why? I am not sure, I have done no research. I am going to share my own way of using “higher power” because it is relevant to this topic.

I am an atheist. I do not believe that there is a higher power, per se. I do feel that there is a certain order in the Universe, that it is even intelligent, but Higher Power?

And yet, what makes AA and other 12-step programs work, is this higher power thing…
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Case Study #1: Humanity in Unity with Sai Maa

if you want to earn your vibrational raise, you need to directly connect to Source… not easy, but possible for every human. Why is it so hard? For two reasons: 1. you were indoctrinated that you are small, puny…

sai maa The intention of this post is to show that in order to have a permanent and earned rise in your vibration, you need to connect to the Creator directly.

If you want to raise your vibration (raise your vibrational frequency) any modality under 500 is a poor choice. This includes religion, etc. Everything. Under 500… won’t raise your vibration. Under 500 everything is Tree of Knowledge: disconnected from Source

Vibrational Review 1/14/2012

Sai Maa’s personal vibration: 195
Her Vibration when in a seminar: ~500
Her organization: 185
Her “diksha” light submission: 195
Truth value: 185
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