What to do with what you don’t want, don’t like, don’t agree with?

lying to yourself is not allowing yourself to be who you are

Do you get hooked? People pushing your buttons?

Ultimately, every time you encounter something you don’t want, don’t like, don’t agree with, your first reaction is resistance, i.e. not allowing what you don’t like to be.

When you pretend to be different than you are, you are denying who you are… forceful. You don’t allow yourself to be.

Now, what you do in the next moment will decide the rest of your life. Because every moment is the foundation of the next moment. Every moment is a new beginning, and the rest of your life is sitting on moments when you either resist or allow.

I push people’s buttons with regularity. I talk about their favorite guru, I measure their vibration that is vastly different from what they fancy themselves to be. I refuse to “help” them.
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Humans are vibrational beings

The internet is full of crap, and the so called gurus talk most of it. All second-hand crap.

This phrase: humans are vibrational beings, on the surface is truth… but if you scratch it, it is unscientific, nonsensical, pretentious, and misleading. And misleading is the main tool of fakes, frauds, and impostors.

In quantum physics, the current state of knowledge in physics, everything depends on the observer: and a “thing” can be physical, or matter, or a wave… depending on the observer’s expectation.

I guess this is the basis of this stupid statement. If you look at yourself as a vibrational being, then you are… now what?
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Raising your vibration

What is vibration?

As you can see, the word “vibration” needs to be explained if you want to be successful at raising your vibration.

If you want to raise how you feel right now, how other people view you, i.e. raise your vibes, then jumping around, pep-talk, like in the locker room of a football game, affirmations, laughing, is a good method.

It will increase your immediate performance, and if it was an effective method, you can sustain the higher vibes for about an hour or so.
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