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God doesn’t play favorites. Will you be the one who survives?

It seems that we, humans, never look at anything long enough, or awake enough, to actually see the forest for the trees.

What do I mean?

I mean that certain things can only be seen if looked at long enough.

The cat can't recognize anything stationary, unless it stares at it long enough. And honestly, neither can you. Or me.

But you, with your big brain, and arrogance, you think you saw all you needed to see, and it is how come you use only a small fragment of the information available to you. You don't even look! You don't listen! You don't pay attention to your senses.

You live in your head...

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What is your level of consciousness, what is your vibrational frequency? How can you tell?

Delusion-of-choice-copy-624x416If you want to be successful, you need to start where you are.

But if you don't know where you are, or mistakenly think you are somewhere else than where you actually are, you will never get to where you want to get to... NEVER.

This includes your knowledge level, your skill level, your experience level, and your level of consciusness or your vibrational frequency.

The only reliable way I know is to tell someone's vibration accurately is to muscle test while truly connected to Source, by a person whose vibration is past ego... on or above the level of unconditional love.

That doesn't mean you can't have clues...So that you can get a ballpark estimate of where you are or where another person is...

Stages of consciousness... metaphor by what can you see, accurately... how much of the context you see, both in time and in width

  • .buried or in a well
  • .in the basement
  • .street level
  • .street level but inside a house
  • .second floor of a building, no windows
  • .second floor of a building, with sound isolating windows.
  • third floor
  • fourth floor
  • .
  • ..lots of floors....
  • penthouse: lookout point.

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How can you tell if someone is high vibration or just pontificating?

coherence, high vibrationAs I was looking for a picture for this post, I realized that vibration, raising your vibration, as a topic, probably has more bullshit out there than even food...

I can safely say that EVERYTHING you find is that... b.s. and has nothing to do with vibration, or consciousness... So maybe this article is a little late... but better late than never?

I send, automatically, to every new subscriber an email where I ask them why they joined my email list.

Many actually answer, for which I am grateful: I like to hear what you say. I like to hear what you think. I like to know where you are at.

One thing I am realizing: you have no idea what raising your vibration means... and that means everyone... Why? Because you don't know what vibration means. And because you read the b.s. on the internet.

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The size of your life is an indicator of your happiness. What is the size of your life?

Solve big problems, and your experience of life will be fulfilling. The bigger problems you solve the more money you'll make and the more fulfillment you'll experience in life.

Obviously what you call a problem depends on your view of life.

And how you solve a problem depends on you too...

And thus you create your level of happiness... your life's experience.

You live in a world of your own design. And you live a life of your own design...

I know you would not design a life that feels as bad as the life you are living, but in an unconscious way you have designed it...

This article is about how to design your life that you can enjoy. Your design will give you the life you'll live... Continue reading "The size of your life is an indicator of your happiness. What is the size of your life?"

What can you do, what must you do to benefit from the teachings of the “Law of Attraction”, of “The Power of your Mind”, and Natalie Ledwell’s Mind Movies?

If you read yesterday's article on coherence, my 21 hour (so far) experiment of playing the Coherence Generator... (new name old audio) I can promise you that it is nothing short of miraculous.

Creativity, innovation, growth, learning, takes a lot of coherent energy. When your energies are incoherent, you are troubled, are in a hurry, or are afraid, creativity is impossible.

Just imagine yourself a juggler... because that is what creativity is: being able to keep and move around multiple objects in the air at the same time, so you can see new connections. Really...

Most people can't keep one thought in the air for longer than seconds... unless they fixate on it... fixating means: all other flying objects fall... So most people have no experience in creativity, because they are mostly incoherent.

And just like with water turning from incoherent to coherent only at a certain vibrational level (frequency?) you also need to raise your vibration to a certain level to become creative. Temporarily, at least. Continue reading "What can you do, what must you do to benefit from the teachings of the “Law of Attraction”, of “The Power of your Mind”, and Natalie Ledwell’s Mind Movies?"

The hidden spiritual capacity that is underneath all the others… I think.

some people never learnIt's been coming up with more and more frequency:

We don't know what it looks like to be good, to be kind, to be independent, to be happy, etc.

I wrote recently about my quest to become a kind person.

I am 70 years old. Why now? why so late in life?

When I look back at my childhood, when I look at my brothers, their wives, I see no kindness. EVER.

I am now able to be kind except right now, today... I am irritated, and out of balance... I don't want to share the "story", but please know that there are innate capacities and learned capacities. I will never be as patient as a saint... especially when I am out of balance... Kindness and patience are intimately connected.

Spiritual virtues, like kindness, goodness, love, forgiveness... etc. you only learn when you see it in many situations. We could be simplistic and call it learning by osmosis. Continue reading "The hidden spiritual capacity that is underneath all the others… I think."

The missing science so you can start mastering your beingness: the Real Kabbalah

Today's "What's the truth about you?" workshop is the first experiment to get to beingness through feelings.

The challenge, for the participant, is to accurately feel their feelings, and maybe even what the feeling wants them to do, the inner dynamics.

My experience is that despite what everyone teaches, you cannot get to what you want through words. But you can get to what you want through the feelings level and the through feelings level to the beingness level: the creative plane.

If the "Law of Attraction" or the "Law of Similars" has any water to hold, if being in energetic alignment with what you want does actually allow you to go for it, having, use it, keep it, then this is the most important skill you want to develop. Continue reading "The missing science so you can start mastering your beingness: the Real Kabbalah"

Working on the thing you want, directly, is a mistake…

you are a liarThe same faulty thinking, the same thinking that makes you not do things that don't directly produce money, or the results you seek, the same thinking that makes you a chef with no food in the pantry, is what keeps your relationships empty, and causes your vibration to remain low.

I was just looking at a post of mine: an Osho talk.

He says: Allow Silence to Grow

It triggered a distaste in my mouth. I published that article and I am suddenly knocking it? WTF, right?

But there is a reason... I have changed. I see things that even just a week ago could not see

I have to confess something: I am reading a book, called "Feelings" and inadvertently it has knocked my vibration up a notch. How? Why? It managed to put me in touch with some feelings I have been protecting myself from.
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My little contest to move you into a capacity you need

I am always suspicious of things, books, movies, series, that are best sellers.

Why? Because if it is likeable by the masses, then it probably is full of low vibration stuff.

The other day I didn't feel like reading heavy duty stuff, I was craving story. Stories are very important to humans: you get that as you can. Most, alas, gets it in gossip. Facebook, trash sites, click-bait and such.

The vibrational level of gossip is 70. Adjust your vibration to get closer and closer to 70.

Sitting in the living room, pretending to do your own work, while others gossip: you would be sitting in your bedroom if you would ever want to be higher vibration.
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Days of Power energy download

days-of-powerOne can connect to Source on whatever vibrational level one is...

Vibrational level, in this context equals the consciousness level, or how far up you have ascended on the Tree of Life.

I know of four levels of connecting. Each higher level includes the previous lower level of capacities.

Level 0: Theta mode: you connect to your self... Here is the webinar recording that teaches it... Theta training. You have to be registered as a subscriber to that site.

  • Level 1: You can, for moments at a time, dis-identify with your mind
  • Level 2: You can measure ideas, concepts, and stuff you are not directly connected to, like people. You are a true empath with highly honed abilities. You don't live in your mind, you have released ego (the selfish gene) so you can connect, while you are connecting.
  • Level 3: You can download energies, like the activators, or the Energizer. I need to be highly coherent, balanced, and in good shape to "jump" to this level
  • Level 4: You can download the Avatar State energy and the Days of Power energies...

    Level 4 is barely tolerable. I can be there for only 30 seconds at a time... or it fries my brain... it is so burning.

    Tonight we'll have a Days of Power download, only the second time. It is very hard on me. And it is very hard for me to put myself on Level 4 of connecting.
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