The Desire Trap and how to release a life of wants

The Desire Trap and how to release it… A life with greed, want, desire, or resistance cannot be a happy life

The book Feelings writes at length about the Desire Trap,

Quoting from the Feelings book by Margoczi:

Although the desire trap may look harmless at first sight, this is the trap the most people suffer from around the world.

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Celebrate Misery! Celebrate sadness! Celebration is the ultimate embrace

celebrateOne of the people I learned a lot from is Osho… I learned to celebrate, I learn to embrace from him. I read twenty of his books: each book is a collection of his live talks… he had hundreds of talks during the about 30 years of being a guru.

Osho’s vibration was about 300… which is much higher than most people, much lower than people believe he was. Yet, I learned a lot from him while my vibration was higher than his.

Your vibrational number has nothing to do with actual vibration, or frequency: it is more like a measure of how close you are to the Original Design of a Human Being AND how close what you believe and what you see as truth is to reality.
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The life of a pinball… or Your expectations and your disappointments

Your expectations and your disappointments reveal to you and to everyone who knows anything about the unconscious worldview that makes sure you are miserable.

You learned that the Universe, Reality, your body, other people are like a vending machine. Push a button and outcomes what you wanted.

Or a car, or an electric mixer. Mechanistic, there for your service.

Even the evil people, religion, law of attraction, manifestation people teach that… with one little twist: if you are good, then the machine will turn on and spit out what you wanted.

So these people with their little twist make it your own fault if and when it doesn’t work.

But what you think about the world and the way the world works are very different.

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Raising your vibration and having agendas: can you do it?

you attract what you fear, you repel what you wantWhether there is such a thing “law of attraction” or not, there is a phenomenon that I have observed.

If you want something, it tends to get away from you.

Whether it is love, having a community, being well thought of, or money… the wanting it renders you tense, reactive, and closed off. Act in predictable ways, the ways we have revealed for some of you in the Upsets workshop. (Started as Feelings webinars)

Wanting is a mind thing. Maybe a desire trap, maybe not, but definitely not from the Tree of Life, where it is obvious that if you want something, then you go for it, and do the things that get it for you. Not what you always do…

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Vibrational Review: Peter Schenk

I got this email in my inbox today. Invitation to get on the Modern Day Mystic online TV show.

I’ve been interviewed on real TV. I have been interviewed for articles. But this would be the first online TV interview since I discovered that the reason I was miserable because people were miserable around me… i.e. I was an empath.

OK, so what do I do when I need to make a decision about doing something or not doing something?

I investigate. And then I think. Pro. Con. First feel… then think, evaluate, compare, see the big picture.

OK, who is this Peter Schenk?

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Why is the “need to meet others’ expectation” so important, and why it’s a mistake to not honor it?

And how it doesn’t mean to please everybody, or even one person. You’ll see…

Our language is so corrupt, it is hard to find a person who means what they say… I mean the words. You’ll see what meeting others’ expectation is… Not what’s on the illustrations… 🙁

The most willfully ignored need, in my experience, is the need to meet others’ expectation.

What prevents you from honoring that need is a misunderstanding. Or we could say: the mis-weighing bias. All biases are misunderstanding how things work, shortcuts that give you a different result than what you expected.

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As promised: what is vibration? What does the vibration number measure?

earthquake ready structure higher vibrationI promised in my email… and here it is: my current understanding of the vibrational number

Dr. David Hawkins, whose vibrational or consciousness table I have been using to explain what the numbers I give you when I measure your vibration, thought that your emotional state correlates closely and well with your level of consciousness.

Instead of arguing that… what is there to argue?

You feel the way you feel.

On the other hand, if you look at those emotional states, it could be said that they hide, hide well, beingness states.
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Modern gurus: The business of consolation, the business of confirmation

neelam-indiaI had a “guru” ask for his vibration today. Nice guy. Low vibration.

Another guru, 1 some 6 years ago told him that there was no need to seek, he could start his own guru business…

Horrible disservice.
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What is Vibration?

what is vibration? how do you measure vibrational frequency?What is vibration? What is the vibration that is the vibrational scale of 1 to 1000?

In this article I’ll answer the questions: what is vibration, and what that means. I’ll also tell you how to measure vibration. And in the end I’ll let you know how to pick a teacher or a guru who is the best vibrational match to you, so you can start raising your vibration with their teaching. Continue reading “What is Vibration?”

Beingness and being, is there a difference?

being free regardless of the circumstancesBeing: The state or quality of being being; existence is a tricky word, in every language I know. We use it as if it were cheap, inconsequential, but that misuse causes mischief.

When you say ‘I am depressed’ instead of ‘I feel depressed’, without knowing that there is a difference, you, unwittingly, practice self-definition.

You can feel a lot of things. Feelings and emotions have a normal tendency, that when not resisted, they move. They change. They morph from one feeling to another.
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