What do you need to do to raise your vibration?

suck-it-upMary asks: what do I need to do to raise my vibration?

To be able to answer that question, we need to agree on what the vibrational number indicates.

What does the vibrational number indicate?

Unfortunately, unlike a speedometer that only measures one thing: speed, unlike a thermometer, that only measures one thing, temperature, the vibrational scale measures a lot more.

And the Anna Karenina principle starts kicking in: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Or the way Aristotle expressed it: For men are good in but one way, but bad in many.
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Energies Part 4: Designer and Source energies

remembering all-of-itIn this article we’ll talk about the source of the many energies, and examine what they do.

  1. Energies that come from Source, from All-of-it, generate harmony.

    If you read the description of all the energies I embed in audios or in water, all of them are elimination type energies. None of them give you anything that’s not already there.

    What is between you and between being in harmony with All-of-it is man-made

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The upgrade of the human DNA is done, and now every person on the planet has the missing 13 capacities as part of their DNA, permanently

are you a Ford with a Maserati inside?The upgrade of the human DNA is done, and now every person on the planet has the missing 13 capacities as part of their DNA, permanently.

I find myself reluctant to say anything. I find myself reluctant to write, and that feels weird after having written seven thousand pages in the past two years. After having worked on the distinguishing of these missing capacities for 10 years…

My dilemma is that just because you can, you still haven’t changed. And unless you change your behavior, unless you do what it takes to activate those new capacities, nothing will change. Nothing.

You are still listening with the old mindset. And you ARE your mindset, and no new capacity will change that. No new information will change that. Only new action will change that.

The choice, for me, is to be inspiring or truthful. It always has been the choice, I just could not see it.

Your other teachers and healers talk inspiring. 100% lie. 100% soothing. Permission for you to stay the same.
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The Bible Code, DNA, the Original Design… Is the Bible a Code?

is the bible code?Some 10-15 years ago there was a blockbuster book, the Bible Code. It was written in the style of a report, but really it was a novel.

Its fundamental issue was the idea that the Bible (The Old Testament) is a code that tells everything about the future, the past and the present.

It used the original Hebrew “version” that is called the authentic “Torah” and it claimed that if you take out all the spaces and punctuation out of the text and make it a string of just characters, it can be used as a code.

The idea is bogus, but us, gullible humans grasping for some meaning in life, for some certainty, it was something to investigate.

Why is the idea bogus? Because for thousands of years the text of the Bible was an oral tradition: it was never written down… and something that passed through so many mouths cannot be considered a reliable foundation for a code by its letters.
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Vibrational Review: what is enlightenment adyashanti

AdyashantiIf I understand correctly, Adyashanti is a guy’s name…

Personal vibration: 90
What he teaches: 90

why so low? Because the guy is talking all Tree of Knowledge, something he has never experienced. I could say he is talking out of his arse, but when I listen to him, I can hear this: he is talking out of his memory, and his self-righteous and self-assured “self” which is a very very very low vibration.

Who does he attract? like attracts like, and he attracts people just like himself. What is the common characteristic of the people who are attracted to what he is saying? He is explaining that enlightenment is not a 24/7 bliss… and yet, the people that he attracts are the MacDonald’s wholesale transformation forever hoping types.

Do not bother listening to him.

Now, a few words from me, and where I am speaking from is the nothing that is outside of the MIND (not ego as he says) and from personal experience through connecting to all-of-it.

There is no 24/7 bliss.
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