Emotional Intelligence: When you suppress half of reality, you need to suppress all of it…

emotional intelligenceI spent two hours on technical support this morning. My emails are not delivered… and that is a big problem in a business…

The lovely support person, Claire, was knowledgeable, but here anxiety was so strong, I got dizzy from it.

Even though I don’t know her from Adam, I took it on myself to coach her… I felt that she was anxious because it takes time to do what she does, and she had to make me wait here and there.

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High vibration – low vibration: what does it really signify? What does it really mean?

the dark side of leavesEveryone wants to have their vibration measured. But they don’t know how to measure vibration, and they don’t know what the number they get means.

This is an old article that is as relevant today as it was when I wrote it. It clarifies what low vibration, high vibration is, and how to raise your vibration…

I woke up late today. I could recall my dream. It was nightmarish, but it was a guidance dream. A first in a long long time.

I was in a mental hospital, in Hungary, talking to my psychiatrist; young,innocent, pregnant, terrified of me.

I was explaining that we all have a dark side, as long as the light source is outside of ourselves. She asked: even a sheet of paper has a dark side? Yes, no matter how thin paper is it has a dark side.

Slice it even thinner… but…

No matter how thinly you slice the paper, it will still have a dark side and a light side.

That was the dream… the rest of the guidance happened while I was sitting in the cold room on the edge of my bed… the only way to have no dark side is to be the Light.

Which means…
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Methods of getting unstuck… not your garden variety advice

squirrel-stuck-in-a-treeMethods of getting unstuck… If you know you are stuck… in a rut, a behavior, in a cycle, in a predictable outcome, or on a plateau

  1. Method one: What is my context that is keeping me stuck? Who am I being?

    or said in another way: who am I being that is not in alignment with the Original Design…with the intention of the Soul, which is the part of me that comes from the Original Design?

    The Original Design has one main distinction: what is your desire?

    Is your desire for yourself (or your group) alone? Do others, outside of yourself or your group benefit if you receive what you desire?

    Desire for yourself alone is the only negative energy in the Universe. And nothing, no charitable thought, feeling, or action balances it out.

    Want to learn more? Want some coaching?

    The next “recap” session, supposedly on Friday, September 9 at 4 pm (Maybe I should push it to Saturday?) will be about this skill… and outlook… get what you desire in a way that it benefits everyone…

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Limiting beliefs… what should you do about them?

you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to become greatLimiting beliefs… can you zap them like Christie Marie Sheldon pretends to do? Does listening to some guru, watching some Mind Valley video help you chuck them, change them, or eliminate them?

The answer is no. You can’t eliminate limiting beliefs, and they can’t eliminate limiting beliefs either.

Limiting beliefs will not go anywhere. You have to find another way to win: stop listening to them.

I have limiting beliefs, but you would not know from my actions. I don’t consider my mind chatter significant. I only listen to advisors that I hired… I never hired my mind chatter. Continue reading “Limiting beliefs… what should you do about them?”

I just learned a new word. Mentality. I could add another: social attitudes

trying-to-bring-you-downThis article was designed to make you look… to be interactive, co-creative.

Even the pictures are a question: what is the mentality, what is the attitude, the social attitude, that it represents? Please work with me: you’ll get insight from it, Guaranteed.

And I will need your help with mining all the gold that can be found in that new word.

Can you tell what someone’s mentality is? I bet you have never asked this question, am I right? I don’t think I have, at least not this word. Maybe I used mindset. Maybe I used attitude… but I don’t think I have ever used the word: mentality.

Now, why is mentality a brilliant word?

Because it is the “characteristic attitude” one has.

I saw this word this morning as I was looking for an article I read yesterday on playing the lottery. I’ll talk about it later… let me just stay with the word, for now.

Your mentality, I say, is invisible to you. You see the results of it, but you don’t see it. You need a person outside of you to see it.

Characteristic attitude can be about anything… but here are a few ways to look at attitude

  1. something is more important than others (morals/winning, freedom/comfort, etc. this is hard to see, at least seeing yours is near impossible)
  2. Something is better than other things (pairs of things come here, like alone/companionship, poor/rich, smart/stupid, etc.)
  3. I and you… our relationship to each other (you are above me, I am smarter, you are smarter…)
  4. who or what has the power… and where do I stand in this?
  5. who deserves and who doesn’t (religious people deserve, nice people deserve, I was bad: I don’t deserve, etc.)
  6. where do I stand on the totem pole… (hierarchy) in this dog eat dog world? (I am the scum of the earth, worthless, I am the best, etc.)

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That’s what is a “bitch” about life: what goes up must come down

F-Roller-Coaster-at-Top-of-Hill-4That’s what is a “bitch” about life, that nothing is EVER in the bag. You have to keep your eyes on it, push it, make the right choices, do it, and then, maybe, it gets into the bag.

I am talking about projects. Big or small, it is never in the bag until it is in the bag.

They say it is not over until the fat lady sings… but that is for spectators, that don’t enjoy the show.

A participant, it is never over until it is done…

No matter how good it looks now, no matter how good it feels now, in the next moment it can tumble, go south, the whole beautiful thing can go to s-h-i-t. And more often than not it does.

Now, why am I writing this article? Because it is my experience, that we all, myself included, behave as this nature of projects weren’t true.
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The anatomy of missing the mark


  1. Have you been wondering why public services and big companies employ semi-morons for customer service?

    I am, I think, supposed to mention this, given how many times it has happened in the past week.

    Not every customer service person acts stupid, only most of them.

    So what is their stupidity about? They only hear what they know. The filter of their mind screens out everything that is not the three-four basic issues: refund request, payment plan request, return request… you know the kind most people will have.

    For every issue outside of the ones that the solution is standardized, the customer rep can’t hear…

    The mind did not allow the person to interact with reality, only with what’s in the mind.

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Vibrational Review: 5 stages of Consciousness Evolution by Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani becoming limitlessVishen Lakhiani is the owner of MindValley… a huge company promoting gurus and their programs.

The original article was to promote his webinar workshop on becoming limitless, on October 13. The webinar’s job is to promote their continuity, i.e. subscription to the $29 a month Mindvalley Academy.

Because so many people are interested in becoming limitless, or at least happier, I am going to review the article… I can’t review the webinar, or something I haven’t happened… but I can look at the person and his work any time, and make bold assertions to their results.

One thing that will clue me in is the truthfulness of this article… or the lack of truthfulness. I don’t mean honesty, by the way. I mean: are the principles valid? Do  the methods produce the results he claims they produce? Is the thinking correct?

This may take me days… I just hope I won’t miss the deadline.

So, here is the article by Vishen Lakhiani:

five stages of of consciousness evolution according to Vishen LakhianiThe 5 Stages Of Consciousness Evolution: Where Would You Stand Today?

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What will save you in this tanking economy: three moves anyone can learn


How to be the eye of the storm calm… Three moves you can learn and practice

Everything is moved by the invisible… where all the power is. Some are just one layer below the surface, some are deeper… but all the same, all changes, all movements, all phenomena comes from there, the invisible.

Do I see all the forces in the invisible that jerk on your chains? I don’t.

But be sure that your efforts to manage the visible, in reaction to what you see, is misdirected.

Let’s look at the economy in the wake of an election.

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More money Part 4: your relationship to money

Relationship-with-MoneyWhat is your relationship to money?

For the most part, your relationship to money, your attitude about money, is the same or similar, as your attitude about life. It is either powerful or it isn’t… and of course everything in between.

Raising the quality of your relationship to money is the exact same thing as raising your vibration. The moves are exactly the same. The higher vibration relationship will effect your money, your personal relationships, your success in any area of life, your health, and your experience of life: your level of fulfillment, purpose, joy, and happiness.

Of course, your understanding of what I just said is on the level of your current vibration… you want more stuff… right? You’ll see what it really means as you raise (increase) your vibration by climbing the Tree of Life, from branch to branch to branch, to as high as you can manage in this lifetime.

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