If fear rules you and your life… Here is a strategy to reclaim your self and your life


Most people, to one degree or another, are ruled by fear. Most of that fear is fear of nothing-in-particular, just fear. And some of that fear is being afraid of getting hurt, of being laughed at, of looking foolish, of making a mistake, of losing face.

But fear is fear, and on the horizontal plane, for the horizontal self, there is nothing more important than to listen to the fear and avoid doing anything that awakens fear.

Result: your life is stagnant, your self-respect is disappearing, and you shrink, and shrink. It doesn't feel good.

Fear is getting stronger, and you are getting weaker.

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Vibrational Review: Heartmath Institute


First: Heartmath has a theory, that the heart has a lot of brain cells in it and they can be influenced just like the brain can be...

The promise is of Heartmath is to help you calm down and handle life's stresses better at will.

I first heard of and listened to recordings, exercises from the Heartmath Institute around 2003. I found the idea very seductive, and really wanted it to work for me... but it didn't. When a few years later Dr. Alex Loyd used them to prove that the Healing Codes work I revisited them... and found the methodology still not working.

The truth is: they are both, the Healing Codes and the Heartmath, a nice idea... but neither of them works reliably, consistently, and for anyone. If something is NOT reliable, NOT consistent, then in essence it doesn't work... what works is the Placebo effect.

I am not discounting the Placebo effect: it is powerful, but it is used to sell snake oil...
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You want money? Are you a producer or are you a consumer?


If you are a student and you pick and choose what to read, you'll end up with an incomplete knowledge of what I teach.

It's like learning some letters of the alphabet, and not the others...

If that is you, please examine your reasons of being on this site, and start telling the truth: you are not here to become all you can become, you are here to consume.

What do I mean?

The world has two types of people, the producers and the consumers. This is obviously just one way to look at people, but it is a very interesting angle, you'll see. Because their behavior, their principles, their mindset is very different. Continue reading "You want money? Are you a producer or are you a consumer?"

Why your brain doesn’t make you a winner… Or is your brain to blame?


I just had one of the most productive Sunday Rant call 1 ever... and I just finished the third book in the Freak series, Think Like a Freak.

Because it is about thinking, and because it is about frames it is right up our alley at this point in time. Continue reading "Why your brain doesn’t make you a winner… Or is your brain to blame?"

The results are in: you can raise your energy by listening to a simple audio


I don't quite know why it works so well, but it does. So let me try to decipher... and see why it works, what it does, how it creates such a dramatic difference in your energy level... OK?

As usual, my students, volunteering to be guinea pigs, tested it. And this morning I connected to them and measured their cell hydration... and the numbers are proof: the audio works directly on their cell water level, meaning the cells are willing to use more water because more water is coherent inside your body.

Coherence is like the difference between orderly and chaotic. Cells are not willing to use chaotic, incoherent water. Coherence, just like boiling point, is at a set level of energy: 653 on the vibrational scale. Being that natural waters found on the planet are between 150 and 250 vibration, it takes a lot of energy to make water coherent. Continue reading "The results are in: you can raise your energy by listening to a simple audio"

A look at feelings… going under the hood. Here, knowledge is really power!


I have been saying in every article now that the 13th floor is a dynamic system.

Why dynamic? Because the feelings have direction, content, opinion... and they interact, pull, push, stop you...

Moving, changing, pulsing, etc.

Humans are not simple machines, and yet: every complicated machine is made up of many simple machines... and so are you. The more you allow the machine to inform you, the more fulfilling, the smoother, the more enjoyable life becomes, with you in the driver's seat.

You know I am corresponding with the creator of the books, Feelings and Words, Gyozo Margoczi.

In his last email, this morning, he made sure I push the dynamic nature of feelings. 1 I am not a very experienced translator, and translating his Hungarian helped me to understand the material and the dynamic even deeper. Continue reading "A look at feelings… going under the hood. Here, knowledge is really power!"

Curiosity… Hunger… appetite… sexual desire…are you killing them all?


Curiosity... Hunger... appetite... sexual desire...are you killing them all?

Your parents, your teachers told you: don't eat candy, don't eat cookies before dinner: it will kill your appetite.

The five "hardware-type" needs, the needs for energy supply, information, safety, reproduction and group are guided by feelings... all a lot like hunger.

Hunger can be fulfilled with empty calories or good, nourishing food.

The need, the second most vital need is the hunger for information. We also call that curiosity. You can fulfill it, just like the first one, with junk.

Curiosity is one of the main factors when one wants to know how far someone can rise in anything... job, knowing, vibration.

If you fill your curiosity with junk... you won't have any left for the stuff that you need to grow, to set your internal map right. Continue reading "Curiosity… Hunger… appetite… sexual desire…are you killing them all?"

Increasing your cell hydration is the first step I recommend you take to raise your vibration?


When people want to raise their vibration, when people want to improve their lives, ultimately I recommend that they start with increasing their cell hydration.

The cell, when it is struggling to perform the functions the cell is designed to do, has a real hard time to give you energy for life.

The life that you want to live needs you to have a lot more energy than you have, physical energy, emotional energy, intellectual energy, spiritual energy. And when your cells are dehydrated they can't give it to you.

I don't know if it is true that death is when enough of your cells die because of dehydration, but it makes a lot of sense.
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Ignorance in health matters is killing you


This is not a gimmick... This old lady can do this and a ton of other stunts...

The question you should ask not how she remained so flexible, because who cares...

Instead ask a question that is relevant to you:

What is it that you can do to regain some of your flexibility, some of your energy, so you can enjoy life more, feel younger, look younger.

That is exactly what I did.

It started nine months ago. I am 69 years old, and nine months ago I was in pain. I was depressed. I hoped I would die in my sleep. I saw no future for myself.

The smallest things were too much for me: it was a major pain for me to take out the garbage... because I had to climb a flight of steps. Cleaning? I could not clean...

In this article I'll tell you exactly what I did, and what YOU can do to achieve similar results.

I'll list all the steps... How I went from depressed, no energy, 35 lbs overweight, limping, and ashamed old woman... to... Full of energy, optimistic, never tired, and almost 100% pain free youngish old woman... lol.
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The Wise, the Foolish, and the Evil test


The personality test that tells you if you can grow, and if you can benefit from working with me.

I have been at my wits' end for years now.

Today I found out what was missing...

Remember the wise saying: when something is not working, there is something you don't know.

More often than not, what you don't know is a distinction... and it was definitely true in my case.

I have been making the mistake of coaching and dealing with my people as if they were me... like me... similar to me.

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