If you can understand it, it is probably not true, or it is not the whole truth

This is part 2 of the article "The crucial difference between people who are on the top and you"

I will start with a confession: this is new knowledge. I myself have been part of the "not on the top" people...

Let me explain what happened.

About a month ago I read an article that had a list of 20 books that Charlie Munger recommends.

I measured Charlie Munger's overall intelligence at 150. And decided that he probably knows something that I don't. Both Warren Buffet and Bill Gates say that he is the smartest person they know... so who am I to not want to learn from him.

But instead of learning from what he says (you'll see why later in this article), I decided to learn from where he learns from.

We have been doing the same in the 67 steps coaching...

So I promptly ordered four of the books on his book list, and started to read.

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The crucial difference between people who are on the top and you. Part 1

I slept till 7 today. That is two hours past my normal wakeup time.

I had a dream till the moment I opened my eyes. Lots of smart people to talk to in the dream, so I was hanging around longer than usual. Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan...

I wasn't looking for answers, I was looking. And I got some answers.

I was curious to see how they were that they could go so far in wealth, success. In fame.

One of the most important thing I saw is that they didn't try. Didn't try to understand things. There was no forcing. No violence.

When I watch you, you have two modes: you try and give up.

Trying is forceful. It is violence.

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A fresh look at lack of humility… the lack that causes you to not be able to learn new things

I am reading a book that says: the purpose of life is survival. 1

So I am going to look at the issues that hold my students back through that distinction: survival. If what I find is true about my students, it is probably true for other people... as well, maybe even you...

So, the question is: how does lack of humility serve survival... or the illusion of survival? After all an individual's ability to survive increases greatly by learning new things... and yet.

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The 3 most important questions to ask

As you know, I am a learner myself. I learn better ways to take you to places that serve you, I learn better ways to help you learn skills, life-skills that will allow you to be happy, fulfilled, and have direction in life.

This video and method, developed by Vishen Lakhiani is good. It switches off the mind, and allows you to connect with yourself and answer the three most important questions you can ask of yourself.

Watch the video. And then ask your friends, family, dates the same question. You'll be able to find better matches for your life than by looks or what they say with their minds, by far.

The video is after you click... you'll stay on this site...
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Do you have the moral right to impose your belief system on your children, on your spouse, on your students?

netflixIt is Saturday afternoon and Netflix is down... and half of the United States is scrambling, wondering what they should do with their lives. lol...

I have been downloading the Spiritual Energy that is available on this Day of Power, several times today, and it is the nicest energy I have ever encountered...

It's not physical. It is all spiritual energy, the energy you need to grow, spiritually and as a person, the energy you need to engage in serious self-examination... So here is mine.
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Your vibration is an indicator to what degree you use force, forcefulness, and forcing

force-v-powerAnimals are not forceful. Plants are not forceful. Why? Because, while the selfish gene is quite forceful, the animals surrender to the selfish gene... and go "with" it.

Humans are animals with a mind... and the mind is forceful. More forceful than the selfish gene...

The selfish gene is clear on what it wants: it wants to increase itself in the gene pool. That is all it is interested in. It negotiates with nature, with other species, with toxins, with members of the same species continually to lead to evolutionary stable strategies.... ess in short. It adapts or it dies. The more adaptable, the more aware the gene and the vehicle, the more successful the gene is in propagating itself, and it thrives. It cannot afford to be forceful: forceful comes from blindness, and the repercussions is extinction. Forceful means: unaware and uncaring... Continue reading "Your vibration is an indicator to what degree you use force, forcefulness, and forcing"

Vibrational Review: Mindvalley Academy, WildFit, Eric Edmeades Review

wildfit-logo-eric-edmeadesThis is a long article... about WildFit... Eric Edmeades program that is opening on September 15 on MindValley... and it answers the question: should you do it? Is it any good? What is the truth value? What is the lie value? Worth reading... I think.

One size doesn't fit all...

I know you are searching for a way to get well, to get thin, to have more energy, to feel better. But... unfortunately, especially in a country where everyone is an immigrant, you have literally nothing in common with most of the people you know.

In addition to that, you may have been exposed to gluten, to fructose, and now you are sensitive, or intolerant to one or both.

In addition to that: you live on a different budget, you like and eat different foods, and the foods you eat therefore lack this or that or most minerals you need for health.

You may have any of four different energy body types, three different Ayurvedic body types, Any of four different blood types... not even mentioning your ethnicity, your food sensitivities and intolerances... your nutritional deficiencies that you are unaware of.

Your mutt factor.

Your water intake and the quality of water you drink. Your activity level. Your ancestry.

So if you want to do this Wildfit program, you owe it to yourself to have your profile, including all of the above... so you know how to tweak their generic diet... so you can get the result they promise, the results you pay for.

At least find out your Starting Point Measurements... $15 and can save you many thousands, maybe even your life.

Find out where you are on the evolutionary scale, on getting a Self... by ordering the combo measurements.

Your vibration is reliably inversely correlated to your resistance.
So does your intelligence, and your health number.

The soul correction shows what you are most intent on hiding from yourself.
The number of spiritual capacities are the ones that you are willing and able to use on this level of vibration.

  1. your vibration (1-1000)
  2. your overall intelligence
  3. the number of spiritual capacities you have
  4. your soul correction (your machine) I need your date of birth for this
  5. do you have attachments?
  6. the level of your health (1-100)
  7. the level of your hydration (1-100)
  8. your ability to take guidance
  9. to what degree you can tolerate pain... so you can grow

If you bought these separately, you'd pay $30... but buying them all at once, I knock off $15.

Click on the paypal button to send me a donation to get your starting point measurements. I'll let you know in my email response, if you could ask for a comprehensive health evaluation, OK?

Click to get your Starting Point Measurements Report

To get this information, I have to connect to you energetically... And I find out more about you than just the numbers... I connect to your soul... and I connect to your personal hell... That's how I make my decision, on that basis. My experience of being you.

I am still on Mindvalley's mailing list under a fake name... and from time to time I even open their email... like yesterday.

It seems that they are doing a new class with Eric Edmeades and his Wildfit program.

So I watched some of the videos, signed up to a pre-recorded webinar, and diligently muscle tested... because the claims are so seductive and so believable, that I needed to keep myself from being sucked in.
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A breakthrough in raising my level of consciousness

climbing-the-tree-of-life-raising-consciousnessI just had a breakthrough...

I have been teaching you how to raise your consciousness, your level of consciousness, by allowing something or someone guide you to look at things beyond where you always look, and differently than you have always looked.

I consider myself always a student as well... so I have been listening to myself, and following my own teaching.

But the results, in the area of growing visibility, increasing my following, increasing my income, have been stagnant... I could not see anything new...

Until this morning.

I attended a webinar a week ago by a business guru. He suggested that if I can show people a simple diagram of how I take them from where they are to where they want to be, they will be hooked on me... they will want what I have to offer. I had never thought that before...

I was formulating my diagram...
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Life skills, capacity, talent, desire, ambition, greed defined… can you manifest with what you have?

OK... this is the continuation of the WWII article...

In that I talk about Hitler and look at what was the issue that caused him losing the war in Russia... So I am repeating what I said there...

Hitler: 10 capacities working. Enough to come to power. Enough to dupe millions and millions. But not enough to create and execute a winning strategy of war. Impatient, jumping around, making blunders. Also: he didn't see the big picture... his greed blinded him.

Believing his own interpretation of things, he fires his decision making experts... and loses the war.

What capacity was missing? System, process, resilience, flexibility, and astute. And definitely missing the big picture.

Brings it down to human level, doesn't it?

So what is a skill, what is a capacity, what is a talent?

And what is Life Force, what is desire, ambition, and greed?

These are the questions I have been pondering, muscle testing, and answering on my current level of knowledge next.

And the last question is: could we call these capacities life skills?
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Vibration is like fitness: if what you are doing is not painful, it will not raise your vibration

nopain-nogainEverybody is looking for the easy, take a pill type of solution to life's issues: fitness, relationships, money, raising your vibration.

One of my students has been coming back to the same article, over and over again, several times a day, because to him it seems like an instant, pop a pill type of solution to raising your vibration.

The truth is that pop a pill type of solutions either don't work, or work counter to your intention.

Fitness is the easiest to see because it is visible... the others: it isn't quite obvious

If you take a pill... you'll not get fit. If it works and you lose weight, it probably caused damage, just ask me. I won't say it publicly, but I did that and it has caused probably irreparable damage... I am still working to repair it.
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