Information is worthless. Knowledge is on the other side

Knowledge is where? It is on the other side of a river… you need a bridge.

A very painful fact OF LIFE triggered today’s article. The fact that information doesn’t readily translate to an improvement in your life, in your results.

I have called this phenomenon several different names for the past 30 years.

The thing/idea doesn’t have legs… I would say. And anything that doesn’t have legs cannot move… unless, of course, they are a snake, or a fish, but you get the gist, don’t you? Continue reading “Information is worthless. Knowledge is on the other side”

Stone Soup: the fairy tale. Case studies galore

stone soupCapacities, distinctions, intelligence, and success in life: there is a strong correlation. The Stone Soup fairy tale is an excellent teaching story.

Let’s start with debunking the current worldview, that intelligence is inborn. We are all born tabula raza… a blank slate.

Your intelligence depends on the number of large chunks, neural connections permanently formed in your brain firing together automatically. Those chunks are created in learning. Not learning about… no, actual learning a skill to unconscious competence.  Driving a vehicle is unconscious competence for most. Reading and comprehending? not so much. Continue reading “Stone Soup: the fairy tale. Case studies galore”

What blocks you from becoming an achiever?

achieverWhat do you need to become an achiever? will power? self-discipline? What do you need?

Achiever is Someone who achieves something worth writing home about, or worth reading about?

Yesterday I had this sneaky idea that I will buy and complete and analyze a bunch of ‘more money’ type courses, and that way I’ll find out what other teachers teach, and will help me to make my own course different, unique, and better.

I stumbled on a few courses, among them one by Arnoux Goran, who teaches and has many testimonials support his clam that he had invented the wheel… Continue reading “What blocks you from becoming an achiever?”

The pull and push system of growth… How inspiration is proving to be stronger

I have been ‘playing’ this self-improvement, self-development game for 35 years. It germinated and grew into a full ‘tree’ in me, while in others it remained stunted, or maybe even died.

What was the difference between those others and myself?

The main difference was, I thought, is that I saw going up incredibly inspiring, while others focused on protecting their egos. We call it precious ‘I’ in my work.

I had a precious ‘I’ too, but I could see that what it had given me is grief, so I was willing to think and do things that offended or scared my precious ‘I’, because what I saw was available was inspiring enough for me to do so. Continue reading “The pull and push system of growth… How inspiration is proving to be stronger”

Without a vision you are driftwood

driftwoodAs I promised, I am going to start, probably will be a series, on the role or ‘future’ on your behavior.

I’ll start with a personal example.

As you may know, I am old, fragile, living on borrowed time.

Back in November, meaning six months ago, my main computer was giving me grief, so I bought another one, but my main computer recovered, and I never installed the new computer. Yeah, I know, but I didn’t have the physical strength… or a good enough reason.

I have a vision for my work, but had no vision for the ‘company’… but that changed about a month ago.

Three things contributed to that:

1. I found a teacher who is a solo entrepreneur like me, off-kilter, like me, and curses like me… lol. I got revitalized. I started to see that I am not alone, even though I have never spoken to him, and he has no knowledge of me. Continue reading “Without a vision you are driftwood”

Vision, Values, Mission… are there any pre-requisites?

If you have lived a lifestyle that left you with no foundation for self-growth is answering the question… what comes first: the chicken or the egg.

You, people in this predicament have one characteristic in common: you don’t want to do anything that you cannot see the immediate usefulness of it.

Usefulness can also be enjoyment… enjoyment is useful. 1

This common characteristic has rendered you to either rely on your quick intelligence in school, and you had reasonable to good grades, or you had bad grades… the result in common: no knowledge of the world, no foundation for self-growth, because no real learning took place.

The percentage of humanity that would like to grow, but has nothing going for them, other than that vague desire, is a staggering 70%. 70%!

Continue reading “Vision, Values, Mission… are there any pre-requisites?”

“You have to have vision”… what does it even mean?!

You have to have vision… you read it in memes, in articles, but you don’t know what vision is, so how can you have it, right?

I have students, friends, who think they have vision for themselves, but what they have is the desire trap syndrome: they see pieces of the future that they want. They can walk around in it, enjoy it, embellish it, feel it, dream about it. Fly the private jet to have breakfast in Bombay, or drink margaritas on the pristine white sands of some private island. Continue reading ““You have to have vision”… what does it even mean?!”