The human body is not one size fits all or most

what is good for me might not be good for youI first had this thought in the title when I read the book: Eat right for your type, some 24 years ago. That is when after 20 years of being slim, suddenly I grew  four sizes… and became a whale. The blood type diet didn’t make me slim… but the germ of the idea that we are not all the same inside took root in me.

My next time to get this idea to strengthen was the ‘eating styles‘ I got from the Human Design Institute. It didn’t make me slim, but it made me have a lot more energy than I had before, and a whole lot less of indigestion.

And lastly, when about 10 years after that I connected to Source, or whatever you want to call what I am connecting to, and started my conversations with it, through muscle testing, I started to see the tremendous differences inside people, the differences that don’t clearly show on their outside, or even in their attitudes. Continue reading “The human body is not one size fits all or most”