Intention is the beginning of all transformation

The power of intention

Most people don’t know the power of intention, it because they have never experienced it, because they don’t know how to get access to intention.

They never intend. They live inside wanting to, needing to, having to, and should… the horizontal plane, the Valley of the Shadow of Death… Fear of death, fear of annihilation. Continue reading “Intention is the beginning of all transformation”

Finish What You Started, Complete What You Started but didn’t Finish?

finish what you started… Or how do you destroy your life, little by little…

There is nothing more significant in destroying your self-image than starting something, with all the hopes and aspirations it takes to start something and abandoning in before it is finished.

Even if you knew yourself as a great person deserving of the dream you set out to accomplish with the project, by abandoning it, by leaving it in the middle, you declare yourself as undeserving, someone less than a match to your dreams.

When you don’t finish a project, you set yourself up for more of the same, it is a self-strengthening cycle.

It’s all downhill from there. You continue life with a lot of your life force lost to that incident. Now you know yourself as someone who can’t be counted on. Your experience of yourself is that you are a failure, a wannabe, and you hate yourself.
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Do you feel responsible for what others say about you? The savior racket

Soul correction, responsibility, what is yours and what is not

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt said it best: what others think about me is none of my business.

For most this is the hardest thing to learn. Continue reading “Do you feel responsible for what others say about you? The savior racket”

The size of your life is an indicator. The size?

The size of your life is an indicator of the size of your possible happiness. What is the size of your life?

In the Playground, people do the work in pairs… we call these Partner Calls.

A partner call needs to be about a problem that came up in an incident. It is less talking than looking.

The person who talks, while the other listens, looks at the incident and attempts to take it through a set of looking points… we call that a script. Continue reading “The size of your life is an indicator. The size?”

As important as a yes… is a no. Actually, you’ll be left with the authentic yes

on-saying-noI own a business… This blog is part of it.

I am on hundreds of marketers’ mailing list, and I get hundreds of emails about new software, new tricks and strategies to increase traffic, visibility, and ultimately revenue.

I buy some of them. I use 20% of what I buy.

And then I get the whales. That promise to train me to become a super marketer, a money magnet.

It’s that time of the year, there are three such offers going on at the same time.

Tons of stuff. If I put them into boxes… they would fill many.

The allure is tremendous. I can barely breathe…

And then I do the unexpected… I ask a relevant question. I act as my own coach…

I ask: Do I want my life to be about marketing? Do I want to become a marketer?
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Why, your chances to become worth a damn (dime?), are less than 2%?

the-life-of-a-teacherFirst things first: the saying is “become worth a damn.” But a lot of people consider damn a curse word, so they say “become worth a dime”… Oh well, here you have it. Become worth a dime… lol.

Second: let me explain the picture: no teacher is worth a darn, unless the student is able to handle, utilize what the teacher teaches. And therein lies all the difficulty you are experiencing.

As you can, maybe, track, I am becoming obsessed with learning to learn… or more precisely said, teaching you to learn to learn…

Because you have been mislead.

Even MY parents tried to mislead ME… lol.

I was dyslexic, which, as a diagnosis, didn’t exist when I was a child, so they thought I was stupid. So they tried to make me memorize…
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Want to change how you feel? Want to change what you believe? You are in for a surprise…

the secret of change is to focus all your energy on building the newIf I asked you if you are trying to change anything or anyone in your life, every one of you would say yes, many things.

The beingness of wanting to change someone or something is “something/someone is wrong” and then the second part “unless they/it change, I cannot be well.”

The vibrational frequency of that being, on the David Hawkins map of consciousness, is 120.

And if you listen to ads, if you listen to gurus, everyone suggest that you should change stuff, especially your beliefs.

There are entire programs dedicated to changing your beliefs, especially your beliefs about money, love, abundance.

The vibration of the desire to change stuff, especially stuff you have no control over, is 120.

You have no control over your beliefs.

Now what? Are you stuck where you are?

Probably… unless.
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How to BE be with anything – the secret path to happiness and power

big-boy-pantiesA few days ago I wrote an article revealing to you that adhering to a “no negativity” concept, you are actually strengthening the ranks of the Dark Side.

At least one reader got the point, and is now attempting to increase her capacity to stay present, to not run away, to not hide, when ugly shows up. And by ugly, I mean all kinds of uglies, selfish, evil, cruel, rude, angry, vicious, terrifying… you know which ones you run most from, don’t you?

I also published an article a week or two ago about being astute. Astute is the ability and practice to tell one thing from another, with precision. To define something accurately. To see things for what they are.

Now, not surprisingly, the two issues are really one issue.

When you turn away, when you run away, when you avoid…

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Let’s talk about sexual preference

chose to be straightTwice in my life I had a choice to choose being attracted to women… I mean mainly.

The first time the choice was made for me: when the woman found out that I had no history of being attracted to women, she said: “I won’t do that to you.” I was about 22.

The second time I found myself turned on by a woman dancing, and I clearly saw a choice. I saw that I could choose to pursue that, but with that I would choose a life of hiding, a life of not fitting in, a hard life. I chose not to go for it.

As a sex therapist, coach, I talk to a lot of people.

I don’t buy that you are born gay. You are born normal, but are turned at some point.
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Beingness and being, is there a difference?

being free regardless of the circumstancesBeing: The state or quality of being being; existence is a tricky word, in every language I know. We use it as if it were cheap, inconsequential, but that misuse causes mischief.

When you say ‘I am depressed’ instead of ‘I feel depressed’, without knowing that there is a difference, you, unwittingly, practice self-definition.

You can feel a lot of things. Feelings and emotions have a normal tendency, that when not resisted, they move. They change. They morph from one feeling to another.
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