Stuckness, blockages, are they all about what you need?

I want to live!Life is happier when it’s less cluttered. Your house will be bigger! Your teeth will be whiter! Angels will sing! You’ll be a better dancer. Go to 1-800-blahblahblah and prepare to be amazed. This is a commercial for GotJunk, but it could be a commercial to the removal of blockages my Integrity Workshop does beautifully.

I take my inspiration from where I find it.

Writing an article a day, leading 4-5 webinars a week, having two podcasts a week… that is a need for a lot of inspiration, wouldn’t you think so?

So I find inspiration, I search for inspiration, and more often than not I find inspiration.

Yesterday’s inspiration was enough for two calls… some inspiration has a longer ‘shelf-life’.

Your inspiration depends on your inspirability… and so does the inspiration’s shelf-life. Continue reading “Stuckness, blockages, are they all about what you need?”