To what degree is your life fragmented?

fragmented lifeYour vibration, your creativity, your truth value all depends on your cone of vision... But until you see that you have a narrow cone of vision, that you look at things with narrow cone of vision, or a narrow filter, you won't want to make it wider.

Wide cone of vision means inclusive... narrow cone of vision is exclusive... exclusive of areas that you KNOW don't matter, don't belong, or you don't like them. Exclusive because you KNOW the answer...

The most exciting insights first show up in the corner of your eyes... Which means they are literally outside of your cone of vision.

One way I see this is how attached you are to one area of life, or one way to do it, or one problem you have.
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What do you want to be acknowledged for?

I am lucky. Life always offers me plenty to write about. 1

People say I am prolific, and if you look at my results: I write a lot. But... but if you asked me what I want to be acknowledged for, I wouldn't say: for the number of articles. The number of articles only shows the tip of the iceberg.

I'd like to be acknowledged for my ability to see everything as part of the whole... and therefore relevant to us, to humanity in our quest to go to the next level of evolution.

If you poke into what it takes to be the way I view the world, you'll find that I have a really really wide cone of vision inside which I see thousands of things clearly and distinctly.

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From time to time I get incoherent.

heart coherence Coherence is when all your energies, all your fibers share the same direction and the same rhythm.

Much like having a six-horse carriage, and the horses pull in the same direction.

Incoherence is like herding cats... hopeless.

I am rarely incoherent. And when I am: I am acutely aware of it. Very unpleasant.

The truth is: I used to be incoherent most of the time.

What is the cause of incoherence? I think, for me, too many choices. And an inability or unwillingness to narrow them down, and maybe choose. Continue reading "From time to time I get incoherent."

Emotional Intelligence: How learning what feelings are, what feelings do will help you live life as a human, instead of a puppet

Yesterday I was on the phone with a client.

Her soul correction is Fear/Fearless. In the conversation it was becoming obvious that she had read the book "Feelings". I have been so excited about. So the conversation was on a more even footing that most of my conversations: she has been paying attention and recognizing at least some of the dynamics the feelings have, and has been managing her fear quite well.

Buy the book "Feelings" Show proof of purchase for a pdf... you'll need it. It's hard to see the illustration on Kindle...

You have always wanted to get out of your head. You tried meditation, drugs, to no avail. Because the way out of the head is through the feelings... the body, where you feel the feelings. Your control center. Overriding the mind nearly 100% of the time.

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Discouraged often?

My father was never discouraged. Not that he didn't show it... he wasn't discouraged. I remember him having doubts, whether something could work, but not discouraged. 1

So what did he have that most of you don't have?

Let's see first what discourage is on the level of feelings, and feelings dynamics? Because unless we know how a feeling is born, at the end of what process, we have no idea how to counter it.

Discouragement is one of the most harmful feelings you can have, because whenever it happens, it makes you reduce the size of the box you live in... And remember? What we want is grow... bigger box... so discouragement works against what we are up to here.

So here is the inner dynamic:
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The crash and burn style of life… are you guilty of it?

The hardest thing for people is to find the middle ground, the sustainable, the mean. The smooth. The life they claim they want. Everyone, on and off the internet, is trying to monopolize your time.

It is a lot like walking on a rope... any movement, leaning to the left immediately needs to be balanced to the right.

In rope dancing the consequences are clear and immediate.

In plate spinning: the consequences are clear and immediate.

In life, even in business, the consequences are removed, timewise, and unless you are astute with a very wide cone of vision, you don't know what you are causing with each and every movement you make...

No movement is also a movement, by the way.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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The hardest pull to resist is the pull of your “how” nature. Or what type of activity you rush into… headfirst…

actions-over-wordsThe hardest pull to resist is the pull of your "how" nature. Or what type of activity do you rush into... headfirst... That activity can be four kinds... four conative types, four types of conative actions... reading, planning, action, and execution.

Scientific name for your "how" is Conation. It is innate, and it is NOT changeable.

Regardless... I have been looking at taming my own... I find that it is not tamable. It is what it is.

But I have come to suspect that what you do after you do what your Conation makes you do is when the magic happens.

You see, all people belong to three types. People who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who wonder what happened. But all three types will, if you ask them, explain why they did what they did... and it will be all a lie. A big fat lie. Continue reading "The hardest pull to resist is the pull of your “how” nature. Or what type of activity you rush into… headfirst…"

The big mystery of how to receive for the sake of sharing and get money for you

you can tell a lot about people from their stuffYou receive lasting Light only if your desire is a desire for the sake of sharing, not a desire for the self alone... But the big mystery of how the heck you can desire to receive for the sake of sharing. Some people have found a way... but not THE way...

Life, and desiring is a lot like walking the tight rope. You lean either way too much and you fall off.

I have had a lot of experience falling off, both sides. So I know.

The secret of walking without falling is

  1. awareness of where you are leaning... not easy.
  2. conscious ability to direct your attention
  3. wide cone of vision
  4. certainty... some call it faith.

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I looked what is more important to me than life itself…

8ca346c61dd1530c4a485f63b8883ed3Why do I write? Who do I write for? What is important to me? These are the questions are occupying my thoughts...

I just finished reading 1984, Orwell's novel. I am not an American, so I never even heard about it until about 1984... In Hungary it is not a recommended reading.

It was a traumatic experience for me, much like Brave New World was back in 1977 when I first read it. Much soul searching followed, I am not quite done with the soul searching.

I mentioned to my driver that I read the book... and from her response, I think I was lucky: the best way to make an important book to make no waves is to make it compulsory in high school... They will leave no impression, and the powers that be can sigh a sigh of relief.

The book is important. It deals with what is important in life. And it deals with how it can be taken away without most people ever noticing.

I looked what is more important to me than life itself.
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If you feel you are losing yourself, maybe lost yourself…


If you feel you are losing yourself, maybe lost yourself... How losing yourself happens, and how you can live a life where you never lose yourself?

This past week I had a lot of interactions: a lot more than usual.

I had calls, where the other person, from time to time, got hold of the steering wheel... and it felt dangerous for me of losing control or the conversation.

I also had to cancel some utilities and restart them with a different provider.

The bad cell phone connection, the voice mail systems, the operators that talk without listening, like a machine, the hold-music... all factors that could be causing me to lose myself.

Loud TV, a typical marketeer loud forceful audio on the computer, peak traffic, noises, bumping into carts in the grocery store... all tearing at you, wanting attention.
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