I can tell by the look in your eyes you’ve been hurting

I can tell by the look in your eyes you’ve been hurting.

You’ve been wanting to be the best you can be, and you can’t. You always hit a snag here, a snag there… And it looks hopeless.

You are ashamed of yourself. You try to hide, but it doesn’t help. Because you know.

You feel like an impostor… But you are normal.

Humans aren’t built to be all good. Humans can improve, correct what there is to correct, to a certain degree, but not all through.

Why? Because, and don’t believe a word I say, the human soul, originally, was built to be 100% selfish, care only about receiving… care only about pleasure… that has been the design.

What the heck am I talking about?

I am talking about Kabbalah‘s version of the birth of the Universe and humanity with it. Continue reading “I can tell by the look in your eyes you’ve been hurting”

Why are you weak-willed when it comes to growth?

weak-willedI have tons of people asking me to activate the capacity of self-discipline, and will power. And although I CAN activate those capacities, they don’t come ‘online’ unless your behavior already proves that you can use them… I.e. that you have SOME will power. And most people don’t… we’ll look at what you can do about it in this article.

You had dreams, you had nightmares, you had aspirations, and you had many disappointments.

You watched adults and you KNEW that your life will be as good or better than theirs.

But when you got to adulthood it never worked out.

Here are a few real examples for how weak-willed identity developed: Continue reading “Why are you weak-willed when it comes to growth?”

Ambition, motivation, and will power… which one will give you a life worth living?

Today the sky is open and the motive power of the Universe can be downloaded. I’ll be doing it in a few minutes.

That energy, the Day of Power energy is what powers the spirit inside. The spirit that expresses itself, makes itself felt in you. If you refuse to move with it, the pressure is tremendous. In creativity it is the energy that pushes you to go beyond the limitation of the horizontal plane.

This article examines what makes you move, choose, act… Worth reading.
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Can You Experience Addiction At The Vibrational Level Of 900?

Addiction Cycle Can You Experience Addiction At The Vibrational Level Of 900?

Are there any experiences that disappear at the vibrational level of 900?
I don’t know… lol.
Anything that you can’t feel, see, hear, doesn’t exist for you. And it is not very easy to notice in any certain moment that you used to experience something and you are not…

Nevertheless, in spite of being an empath, I can still say that there are a few feelings that I now don’t really experience.

Why does being an empath come up again?

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article

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Coaching is often like herding cats…

coaching is like herding catsCats are notoriously individualistic, and abhor being herded, or even told what to do.

Your (and) my aspects are like cats: enjoying and protecting their freedoms you have given them all these years, that you thought they were the boss. Your boss.

I am talking here of the aspects of your mind, your emotions, your thoughts, and your urges.
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Why are people so low vibration? Including teachers, healers

If you read one of my previous articles, your answer (most of it) is there: our upbringing is based on the interest of the “powers that be” and not on the interest of the individual, or the interest of the human race: the Original Design, evolution, being an expanding personality.

Our lives, what we are allowed to do, see and know, is not that much different from what you see in the movies “The Truman Show” or “The Matrix” and we are policed, rigorously, and incessantly.

And the policing forces are also “sheep” and have no idea about the truth, about their own status…

So, humanity, in lack of real information, to understand and make what they see easier to handle, easier to be with, invented an imaginary world of explanations, gods, spirits, angels… just to be able to make sense of what they needed to deal with.

Vibration, your vibration, your consciousness level and the ability to be with stuff that is not easy to be with are correlated: meaning: once one gets high, the other gets high as well.
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When You Like Yourself You Like Your Life

Respect means two things: the original meaning: double take, and the new, politically correct meaning: honor.

I will mean the original meaning in this article: the act of looking again. Because when you first looked, the past got into your eyes. You saw what you expected to see, you saw how it used to be, how you saw it before, you saw it in a way that rendered your relationship with it stuck, and your life as well.

What you hold true, about yourself, about your loved ones, about other people, individually and as others grouped together, about life, about work, about what is good and what is bad, gives you a certain world, and for the purposes of this article we’ll call it your paradigm.
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Self-Discipline And WillPower are The Path To Grace & Ease

Why Do You Need Self-Discipline And Will-Power To Achieve Higher States Of Consciousness? The Path To Grace and Ease

A ‘normal’ human is weak, weak willed, and behaves in a pleasure seeking way.

A ‘normal’ human, when asked why they do what they do, they always have a because. Their whole being is effect: they are never the cause of their own action, their own feelings, their own thoughts.

The world of humans is an interplay of cause and effect. Rare humans are the cause of their actions. They are in higher states of consciousness. They don’t need an outside cause: they act as their own authority.

To go from ‘normal’ human, meaning weak willed and pleasure seeking, ordinary consciousness, you will need to develop capacities that are not taught in school, and they are not even encouraged.

When I first learned this whole distinction, responsibility, or said in another way, being a cause, the occasion was being late. I was late, and I had good reasons: I started late, the weather, the train schedule, the cab driver, the elevator… a slew of reasons.

The trainer suggested that I become cause of my being late. I tried, ‘I am late because I am forgetful…’ but as he explained, I mean the trainer, that would still be something other than me being the cause. If it is an internal and inherent weakness that causes something, I am still a victim, I am still an effect.

It took a long time, but the speaking that expresses being totally the cause of the result was, ‘I am late because I am late.’ or in my case ‘I am late because I started out late… all the rest are just excuses.’

This was a huge revelation to me. In the three years following this discovery I accomplished nine years worth of work, and went from a low-paid architect to a magazine owner, a magazine publisher with staff. It was amazing.

Then, of course, I got sloppy and victimized again, and my life has been an alternation of being cause, and being a victim.

You need self-discipline and will power to stay cause. Just because you know what you are supposed to do, what you are supposed to notice, what you must be aware of, you won’t, unless you have a well-developed self-discipline and will-power.

Both practically help you forego the desire to bail out, to escape, to go the easy route.

You don’t go from an undisciplined prince or princess to a disciplined person. The world does not prepare you for that: a disciplined person is a threat to society: it rocks the boat of mediocrity and complacency.

I have a few clients who are either in the military or retired from the military. Even the military doesn’t care about you being self-disciplined: they just want you to do what you are told to do, like a machine.

Those military types are the least disciplined of all my clients… a total disaster.

So, how are you going to go from ‘normal’ to highly disciplined? You know that the meaning of a discipline is teaching, and a disciple is someone who can be taught.

As long as you are undisciplined, no matter what I do, and no matter what you do, the results will not be forthcoming.

And because a normal human is blind to its own behavior, its own ego, you need outside help to be able to see yourself.

The tools that I offer are energetic and cognitive.

Energetically, my harmonize your vibration audio is your best choice, if you are normal.

Cognitively, I recommend that you find out what is your soul’s correction, so you can actually direct your awareness at something that will change you in the right direction.

UPDATE: now there is a specific Avatar State audio to address self-discipline.

self-discipline the path to grace and easeGo and try the Self-Discipline Activator