Returning to the fork in the road where you took a wrong turn

If you find yourself on the wrong road… trace your way back to where you went astray… and choose a different road.

Why? Because trying to go across to where you really wanted to go, without going back,  is fraught with death traps.

Humanity, some seven thousand years ago, took a wrong turn. In just a few words: they started to replace reality with word pictures in the mind. Concepts.

This took us to where we are now: not a pretty place. Any and every human is afflicted: no one is exempt.

An “avatar’s” job is to take you backwards so you can find your way from there… They have to have earned the right… by going back personally, backtracking themselves.

Most teachers try to cut across… oh the Buddhist, oh the Zen, oh the blah blah… they must know what they are talking about… b.s.

Maybe they know, maybe they don’t. But you haven’t done the journey back, so you are a second-hander at best, so shut the f… up!
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Fighting windmills? No time to do good stuff, let alone great stuff?

I just learned something terrible about myself. A lot of people hear me as if I were their father.

You see, in my family I was the dunce… meaning stupid. And even though I had straight A grades, and I was good at everything I tried, I remained stupid for my family.

How this works I don’t know. But this seems to be the dynamic: people make a decision about you, and then they never really look at you again.

You take it on, as the truth, and freeze into it. You allow it to guide you through life.

With me it was a little different, because I am defiant. I am not defiant to the person who speaks it, I am defiant to the saying. I am going to prove them wrong.

My brother, my older brother was the apple of my mother’s eye. He was smart, and good looking. And a boy. He had no challenge (as far as I can see it) because he didn’t look at life’s challenges as challenges… he didn’t study, and his grades were pitiful. Continue reading “Fighting windmills? No time to do good stuff, let alone great stuff?”

Reframing: State change: Changing your emotional state

Frame: state change. Causing yourself or another to change their emotional state, aka attitude.

The myth of “IS”

One of the invisible tools the memes use, the memes that keep us trapped and unable to take control of our lives is to spew “is” on us.

OK, that was a long sentence. let me see if I can reword it. The memes freeze us into a life where we have no power. It is in the wording. The freezing power comes from the wording.

We have spoken about the having to, needing to, wanting to, and should… these are a group of tools the memes use to rob us of our own power, and render us puppets.

The tool that renders us powerless to change is the improper use of “is”.

  • Whenever you feel you need to change, this meme tool is at work.
  • Whenever you point a blaming finger at yourself, at the world, or at others, this meme tool is at work.
  • It is under learned helplessness. It is under resignation, cynicism, and unless you learn to recognize it, you’ll fight it… like Don Quixote was fighting the windmills. No chance to win.

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Starting Point Measurements profile analysis #2

Starting Point Measurements profile analysis #2

The subject of this starting point measurements is young, still in school. Yet I don’t know her.

Because she is so young, I went into more details than I normally would, because it is going to be easier for her to change and get on the strait and narrow that leads to a good life, than for an adult. It is also a guidance more for the mother than for herself: I don’t even know if she knows that I measured her starting point measurements.

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No amount of right will fix something that is wrong.

Prepare to be spinning with this for a while… Because this article can scramble your reality, like spinning can… Which way is up?

But for the few of you that this is what was missing, it will be like a cool hand on your hot forehead… Soothing. Panacea.

Because, truth be told, your reality is scrambled, and this article has the potential to unscramble it. Again and again.

Because the nature of personal reality is that it is scrambled, and tends to stay scrambled.

No amount of right will fix something that is wrong. At least this is how it looks on the surface. But what is the right and what is the wrong? and is it true that what is wrong IS wrong? 1

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Self-expression: what is the Self you are expressing? Updated

comfort-zone-paulo-zerbatoPeople throw around the words: self-expression, but I have never found a person who knows what it means… and if it means what THEY mean.

Most people look how you express yourself not what it is you express…

Meaning: I am letting my hair down… I am loud and obnoxious, I am funny, I am demanding… these are all how expressions.

This article is about “what” not “how”…

What is the Self you express with everything… your life, your job, your relationships, with your music, poetry, and your life.

There are two selves, and the reason life doesn’t work for most of us is because the two selves are not connected in any way.

  • Self 1: your genes, your desire to survive and procreate.
  • Self 2: your human desire to be higher than just your genes… to live your higher self.

Self in the expression of the higher self, is the evolved self. The self Shakespeare means: To thine own self be true.
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What is your self-image? Are self-image questions, personality profiles, Kolbe test give you a correct answer?

There is a fundamental built-in error in tests that involve answering questions about ourselves.

I have found that personality tests that rely on your knowing yourself and to predict what you would do in certain situations, are profoundly flawed. 1

I say this after working with thousands of people, one-on-one, observing them, feeling them (I am an empath) and comparing who and how they are compared to what they say about themselves.

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There is no secret, no secret ingredient to raising your vibration, to become an expanding human being.

For those of you who have been making ever tightening circles around the secret, you may call it the Truth, this article will be first a big let-down. A disappointment.

But when you look again, it gives you your life back, puts your ship  under your command…

…you can become a finder instead of a seeker of the secret.

“The secret of growth” you’ve known but wished it were different is this: find something that is rewarding on the short term and has the potential to be rewarding on the long term, and become the best at it.

Rewarding means that you can see the fruits of your labor, and they are yours.

If it’s playing computer games… then get good at that. And I am not kidding. Some of the best code breakers, computer experts come from computer game champions, and we need computer wizards.

Anything rewarding that you love to do starts to grow you, your skills, your intellect, and is a path to growth.

But, instead, you are not doing anything, because you are waiting for the right thing to do, the secret thing to do, the thing that will take you right to the top, like an elevator. Effortlessly and fast.
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