Are you intelligent enough to use this tool to change your life?


There is a tool that you could put in your tool box, and get out of tough spots, conquer every issue, and become a happy, wealthy, fulfilled person... It's asking different questions... to see different paths.

But neither you, nor myself have been trained in it, so we keep on asking the same questions and end up with the same miserable life...

How do you develop the capacity to ask intelligent questions that also alter your reality?

Yesterday I had a long conversation with one of my students. I suddenly had an insight into soul correction, that had been hidden from my view before.

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Rob Brezsny interprets the invisible and answers attacks


I am sharing today's Rob Brezsny newsletter, because he answers a lot of question for me, about my work as well.

For example, why would soul correction be calculated from your date of birth... WTF, right? But it is very accurate, I must tell you. Even though I discover and am shown aspects of a soul correction, once I see the new aspect, I can look and it fits all people with the same correction like a glove.

I am also starting to see more clearly some low vibration aspects of different systems of thought.

For example: any system of thought that subscribes to god, gods, angels, or in fact any entities, loses truth value and vibration to the degree that the system depends on that idea, on those ideas.

The idea for a need for a supernatural being, or two or many shows a low grasp on reality, and that is low vibration.

The vibration, could be said, is a number that shows the accuracy of your world view.
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What if you find that your word has no power?


One of the hardest things for anyone is to know themselves. 1

And not knowing yourself is the cause, not just correlation, of the most misery.

Why you don't know yourself? Thousands of reasons... knowing yourself also obeys the Anna Karenina Principle.

This article will not be about that. This article will be about the price you pay for not knowing yourself.

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You can’t JUMP to the truth… in fact, any jump is jump from the skillet to the fire


The reason I like to use the 67 steps in my own slow turning to the truth, and in teaching and coaching, is because even though it seems to JUMP to SOME TRUTH, it is wise enough to not declare that small and relative truth, THE Truth.

This is in contrast with everybody else.

I am talking about Tai Lopez and his 67 Steps Program, $67, worth all the money you can scratch together.

The overall truth value of the program is 10%. And yet, it can be the foundation of a life well lived, and a life lived powerfully.

Why? Because of its diversity, because of it looking at so many things, and so many layers.

It doesn't address world view, because that is a controversial topic, given that 100% of humanity "sport" an inaccurate world view... and they protect it like their lives depend on it.

And I bet it feels like that their lives depend on it. Being right is more important than being happy, being healthy, and even being wealthy.
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Check your premises… if the world view is at odds with reality, your vibration will be low


Check your premises... 1 or what does truth value have to do with your world view?

There are lots of good books, good talks, good emails, good articles floating around. Really.

What they share, what is in common with all of those is that their truth value is low. Tai's excellent email from today on toughening up has a 20% truth value.

You get a stomach ache from the thought that what you have been reading, studying as the truth has such low truth value. Good book, good article, good whatever... low truth value?

What the f... is it about?

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