Where do your worldview, expectations, beliefs, come from?

I just listened to a Frank Zappa song and I loved it.

Most people I know listen to music. What they call music is songs. You listen to them. And you are put in a trance. The songs are  hypnotic in nature. They implant b.s. in your mind about HOW IT SHOULD BE. About the order of nature. Ugh. (aside: movies too)

I don’t understand the words in American or British songs, but I do understand them in my mother tongue, and those lyrics, although I haven’t heard those songs for 40 years, reverberate in my head. Continue reading “Where do your worldview, expectations, beliefs, come from?”

My most influential teachers teach new expectations

can you, will you change your mind?My most influential teachers teach new expectations through invalidating the ones that create a life of misery.

Ben Settle is one of those teachers.

I subscribed to his newsletter and then quit it after a year or two. Why? because for a time he was more interested in world building and world domination than what concerned me more: a healthy business that served me. And he was more political than I could stomach… so I quit.

I had benefited from my subscription… How? I managed to double my monthly income and at the same time reduced the amount of work it took. I also doubled my self-respect… hm. Continue reading “My most influential teachers teach new expectations”

What gives away your worldview… to yourself?

You may think that procrastination is reserved for lesser people like you, but you would be mistaken.

I have been observing this famous dude procrastinating, waiting, and not doing much for the past year or so…

He is a well-known public speaker, highly effective coach who has made many people very very rich. Continue reading “What gives away your worldview… to yourself?”

What the heck is a worldview and why can’t you see yours?

fake it worldviewYou can’t see your worldview. Or said more accurately: everything you see is a worldview.

View stands for what you see.

Your results, your lifestyle, your actions, your thoughts all come from your worldview.

That is why I likened it to the floor you walk on… before you can change your worldview, you need to be OK for suddenly not have a floor to walk on.

So changing your worldview is only possible if you are willing for the floor to disappear. I have been… Are you?

I had a friend during my participation in Landmark Education. She was an aspiring entrepreneur. Aspiring meaning: unsuccessful.

Why was she unsuccessful? She could do things. She had the appearance: she was tall, for example.

In one of our phone conversations she shared the elation when the cards flew off the board in Freecell… the sign of winning the game. Continue reading “What the heck is a worldview and why can’t you see yours?”

You live in an illusion… like The Matrix… And you are not happy…

illusionIn a workshop yesterday we spent some time defining  REALITY. what must be present, what checkboxes you must tick for what you see to be reality… and everything that is not reality is illusion.

It was a first for most people… Reality is one of those words: foggy, undefined… amorphous. In the Starting Point Measurements I measure to what degree you are accurate with your vocabulary, especially with words like ‘reality’. Most people are at or below 10% accuracy.

We came up with four criteria… and there could be more.


1. collective: everyone should be able to see it
2. there is only one reality and it’s the same for everyone
3. reality doesn’t change over time. The interpretation may, but what happened happened. Continue reading “You live in an illusion… like The Matrix… And you are not happy…”

You don’t have to change yourself… nothing wrong with you

The conclusion I came up with in yesterday’s article: you don’t have to change, so you can rest in peace about that. But if you look at the memes, the memes say: nothing wrong with the: something is wrong with the world. And that is a worldview that the memes disseminate…

There must be something wrong, because I don’t fit in, I am not loved, I am not doing what I should be doing, I am not succeeding.

And yet…

There is nothing wrong with you… You don’t have to change. You are enough…

But being enough doesn’t mean your actions, your attitudes are a match to reality…

If you want a different life: you don’t need to change: your worldview has to change.

In a wheat field, a rose is a weed—even if that rose is voluptuous and vibrant. Translation: it’s your sacred duty to identify the contexts in which you can thrive and then put yourself in those contexts.

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How your worldview keeps you hostage in a merry go round that is not enjoyable

Not many understand what worldview is… It is a difficult thing to explain… and thus this article was a difficult birth.

It took me two whole days, and it was not enjoyable. I could not do any other work either. The inability to get the expression was rendering me dead, or dead-ish…

I like writing articles. But certain things are difficult to say, difficult to express… Continue reading “How your worldview keeps you hostage in a merry go round that is not enjoyable”

You can’t JUMP to the truth… in fact, any jump is jump from the skillet to the fire

The reason I like to use the 67 steps in my own slow turning to the truth, and in teaching and coaching, is because even though it seems to JUMP to SOME TRUTH, it is wise enough to not declare that small and relative truth, THE Truth.

This is in contrast with everybody else.

I am talking about Tai Lopez and his 67 Steps Program, $67, worth all the money you can scratch together.

The overall truth value of the program is 10%. And yet, it can be the foundation of a life well lived, and a life lived powerfully.

Why? Because of its diversity, because of it looking at so many things, and so many layers.

It doesn’t address worldview, because that is a controversial topic, given that 100% of humanity “sport” an inaccurate worldview… and they protect it like their lives depend on it.

And I bet it feels like that their lives depend on it. Being right is more important than being happy, being healthy, and even being wealthy.
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