I have been struggling for two days to write an article…

This is not normal for me… and I have been a little worried.

Yesterday in my 3-wishes workshop I did the exercise that drives up what you can’t see in the world, so much so, that you don’t believe it is there, you don’t believe that you can have it.

It was hope for me.

I am not sure if it’s the election, if it’s the funny videos I watched about Trump, if it is my last Office Hours experience… I don’t know but suddenly I had no hope, I saw no possibility for humankind, or for me.

It snuck up on me.

Maybe observing my teacher going berserk on hate… Maybe me hating him for it.

Bad stuff has a tendency to sneak up on you, and destroy you, like cancer. By the time you notice, it is almost late. I see that with clients… the earlier you catch it the faster and easier it is to melt it. Continue reading “I have been struggling for two days to write an article…”