How to increase your elbow room so you can dance

In this article I take you through a whole range of emotions to get to a clearing. Just like taking you through a dense forest… But there is a pot of gold in the forest’s clearing… so it is worth wading your way through, I promise.

If you play by the rules you lose

Very interesting observation: British writers, also British films are honest about corruption, about people talking about the rules but not keeping them.

So today I am going to talk about something I have never talked about… In fact I have never thought.

People really don’t know that they are next.

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What is the Ego’s role in getting you to the Promised Land?

What is the Ego’s reward for getting you to the Promised Land?

So, I have been observing that many people who seemingly were interested in what I have to say now aren’t.

So what are they suddenly interested in? And I am especially interested in where they go where they actually spend their attention and their money.

I am turning on my X-ray eyes, so to say, and look. Continue reading “What is the Ego’s role in getting you to the Promised Land?”

Positive thinking and learned helplessness

Why do I fight positive thinking, why am I trashing it?

This morning I got to a realization: the students who are not making strides, not moving higher on the evolutionary scale are the students that are confusing ‘there is nothing wrong in reality’ with positive thinking.

Positive thinking says: avoid negativity. Turn your back to it. Make up something nice to say about things you don’t like, don’t want. Continue reading “Positive thinking and learned helplessness”

You never stop needing to heal…

is healing for real? can you heal yourself?What does it mean “Healing”?

It is transcending suffering, physical, emotional, intellectual… any suffering.

Why do you need healing? you ask. If you don’t… then you are lucky. Most people do. In fact I don’t know a single person who doesn’t… but, of course, you may be the exception.

No matter how you grew up, how good people your parents were, or other people, or your peers, you got banged up. Hurt.

Being hurt is an experience.

Did you get hurt in reality? Not necessarily. But as long as you live in an unreality where your emotions tell you what is happening, you will remain miserable… and hurt… and suffering. Continue reading “You never stop needing to heal…”

What is wrong with right and wrong? Are two billion pages all mistaken?

First, let’s clarify what is the meaning of “wrong”…

Many people look at me dumbfounded. There are wrong things and there are right things… everybody knows that… so what can be wrong with what everybody knows? Right?

But you see,

If you want to look for what makes everybody miserable, you better look at what everybody says… and use it as a guidance… either to how to be miserable, or how to get clear of misery.

One thing everybody agrees upon is this: some things are right, most things are wrong and the wrong things need to be fixed, killed, stomped upon, suppressed. And it is very real… except… wrong is made up. Continue reading “What is wrong with right and wrong? Are two billion pages all mistaken?”