Humility: how do you know it’s lacking? What is there instead?

self-concern vs humilityHumility, wrongful pride, high about me score, self-concern… They all say the same thing.

The single most important blockage you have to raising your consciousness, raising your vibration.

In the 3-wishes workshop, one that I lead every Saturday afternoon, the one that never gets boring, I stumbled onto something that had never been revealed in all its gory beauty to the participants before: how focusing on hiding the self-concern completely and totally robs you of a life that you live powerfully, a life that you enjoy living, a life where you are productive and love yourself.

I have taught the concept, the distinction of ‘about-me’ for a decade now, but had never found a way to make it so visible, so visceral as in yesterday’s workshop.

humility... what does it mean?In the following video that I made some 8-9 years ago I explain how wrongful pride, a high about-me score, lack of humility manifests itself in life. Continue reading “Humility: how do you know it’s lacking? What is there instead?”