If you have a problem keeping your word… Part 2

todo-list-3I am finding out that you’ve been thinking in terms of to-do lists to get things done.

I find to-do lists daunting.

The biggest problem with to-do lists is that it kills the spirit in things.

The second biggest problem with todo lists is that it mixes big things, and small things.

What takes you someplace worth going to are two kinds of things

  1. simple steps repeated regularly, like
    -eating the right foods the right way,
    -going to sleep early,
    -reading a few pages every night,
    -reminding yourself to get present,
    -taking deep breaths when you remember,
    -taking your supplements,
    -observing yourself…
    -Catching IT talkingThe best reminders are questions… have you done that today?

    What time are you going to walk today? Gentle reminders. If the answer is resistance, the next question is: what purpose does walking for you? For me regular walking is increasing my capacity to walk a lot, and still enjoy what’s around me. I am having recurring dreams of living in different countries six months at a time. Lots of walking: without stamina that would be sheer torture.

  2. Projects.

In this article I’ll probably talk a little more about projects.

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Republished: Are you running on empty?

running on empty Are you running on empty?

Yesterday, on the Muscle Testing Workshop one of the students said something, and I started to laugh uncontrollably. I laughed for minutes, it seemed, and could not stop for a long time. I wept more from laughing than most people cry from sadness, lol.

I have been observing myself the past two weeks or so, and my joy of life, my satisfaction level, my experience of being alive has been going down steadily with every passing day. Yesterday I got close to breaking point.

I was exhausted. So I thought that I needed rest. But when I muscle tested myself I was not tired. I was running on empty.
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Energies Part 2: The water energizer

Water… OK… first my story.

2009-11-05-incurableIn 1993 a physician declared me incurable. I was weak, I was malnourished, and my blood work did not respond to anything, and was completely messed up. I didn’t seemingly have any known disease: had I died they would have put in cause of death: old age. I was 46 years old.

I hired a nutritionist, who out of desperation, put me on a complete elimination diet: I was living on protein shakes for a little while. and then slowly moved on to the complete elimination diet: you try to find out what doesn’t agree with your body.

In spite of all that effort, dietary changes, etc., two years later, a naturopathic physician still declared me incurable.

detoxMy body had no energy, my cells were drying out, and I could barely work.
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What does religious mean? And what does it have to do with not being happy, fulfilled, etc.


Will you choose the truth or the dogma? Love or “luv”? The personal cost of being religious…

I brought up the issue, my issue, my inability to be OK around religion.

Because I am so practiced activating my “Reticular Activator” and I am so committed to keep on expanding as a human being, my whole world shifted the moment I put my attention to the phenomenon.

All the books suddenly point to something that is related to my “object”, my dreams, articles, everything.

It is not in the foreground all the time, instead it is simmering on the back burner.
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Dynamics of self-sabotage: “If it weren’t for…” – UPDATED

find the end of the yarnThe all or nothing attitude (Gentian)

Sometimes I wish I were some other teacher… and could write my articles, learn my lessons, without having to get into it, and wade myself through the much and the mire of an attitude, or situation.

But, maybe because I am an empath, this path is not available to me: I have to get dirty myself.

They say: fake it till you make it… but what people understand from it is not what the saying means. People make it mean: lie through your teeth, deceive people, create a pretense, a public persona, and the truth will follow.

I refuse to lie. So this article will tell you the raw truth, however painful it is, otherwise it won’t teach you anything.

I have recently took a course on using a facebook page to attract new customers. Sounds good, though my opinion of facebook and people that hang out on facebook is really bad… but I hoped that it would not interfere.
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From My Correspondence: I can’t feel anything, can you help? If you are a man, this could be for you too!

From My Correspondence: I can’t feel anything, can you help? If you are a man, this could be for you too!

Please help me if at all possible.

I know I have some emotional blocks somewhere that I can’t clear up on my own. I have tried and for some reason I just can’t do it.

An Empath that has connected to me can help open up whatever gates that are closed and I can FEEL things again. I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I know on a certain level that an empath is what I need to be able to feel alive again.

I’m tired of my emotions being on autopilot and just feeling neutralness all of the time.

The only real feelings I can feel at times is being neutral (to an extent), anger, and kinda sadness.
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