What makes you who you are today?

What makes you who you are today?Is it the past? Is it the future? What gives your actions in the present? What makes you you? What creates who you are right now?

I just watched a few short films that were winners or nominated to the Academy Awards in recent years.

One of these short films follows a young African boy, Joseph . His father is a school teacher. Joseph witnesses as his father was hauled away from school by weapon toting thugs… and was probably killed. Later we see him in a school in Ireland where he is a new student… freshly off the boat, so to say, bullied relentlessly. But Joseph does not react with the typical ‘fight or flight’.

Instead, when the bullies taunt him to eat some boogers, Joseph merely grabs the finger before it reaches his mouth. Instead of cowering in the face of abuse, he laughs together with his abusers, disarming them.

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