Wake up. Everything you want is outside of Plato’s Cave

I love Rob Brezsny’s horoscopes. They are a weekly wakeup call… a few lines of text that grab me by the nape and throw out into the real world, to come to my senses.

Here is what he writes about it:

Many of us are essentially asleep, even as we walk around in broad daylight. We’re so focused on the restless narratives and repetitive fantasies unfurling in our heads that we only dimly perceive the larger story raging in all of its chaotic beauty around us.

To have any hope of permanently breaking out of our fuzzy trance, we require regular shocks. A single jolt might cause us to briefly come to attention and see the miracle of creation for what it is, but once the red alert has passed, we relax back into our fixation on the dreamy tales our mind never stops telling us.
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