Does your speaking create reality… a reality you don’t want?

I am a watcher. I watch people… I keep a tab on them. I am like a watchdog.

I watch about 30 people. Why? I keep my finger on the pulse of the world this way.

One of these people has been my hero for about a decade. I won’t say his name.

Recently he got married. His vibration promptly dropped 120 points. His reality is now shaped by the new wife and her speaking.

Interestingly while they just lived together, she held her tongue. But once there was a ring on her finger, she started to talk.

What alerted me is the sharp change in his business behavior, in the new way he runs his business. He has gone from hard working, high vibration, high dynamic behavior to someone playing with his kaka. Playing small. Not inspiring to me. If he continues this way, he will have no business.

In this article I will look at this phenomenon… It is not rare, in fact every time someone forms a new alliance, they change… and so far they mostly change to less. I’ll help you look at the principle.

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