Republished: Your Life’s Purpose Can Be Expressed in a Sentence… What’s Your Sentence?

Watch this video.

The first part, where he brings examples of the sentence: if you tune in deep inside you, you may be able to come up with your sentence, and then you can design your life around it.

That sentence will be your functional expression of your life’s purpose.

Good luck.

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Guidance, oracle… the final interpretation is up to you

It’s Tuesday and Rob Brezsny’s syndicated horoscopes landed in my inbox.

I read mine, and my blood turned cold.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): In the coming weeks, you might want to read the last few pages of a book before you decide to actually dive in and devour the whole thing. I also suggest you take what I just said as a useful metaphor to apply in other areas. In general, it might be wise to surmise the probable outcomes of games, adventures, and experiments before you get totally involved. Try this fun exercise: Imagine you are a psychic prophet as you evaluate the long-range prospects of any influences that are vying to play a role in your future.

Fear. Fear that I am working on something that is going to turn out not what I want.

Very scary… in spite of the fact that I experiment all the time. That I rarely make a binding commitment to any path until it is already bringing its results.

I don’t set goals… and don’t commit to outcomes.

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To put the spring back into the old mattress

“To put the spring back into the old mattress” 1

I heard that expression yesterday in a movie, and loved it. I wrote it down. Because that is what our work is about. Putting the spring back into the old mattress…

It could be said about you.

Most of you were happy little children once, even if life was tough. Even if bad things happened to you or around you. You jumped out of bed looking forward to the day ahead!

I remember I was, even though I had bad things happen to me.

And then, slowly, gradually, the inner turmoil, the inner misery set in, and now the misery is there, most of the time.

You may even have periods when it feels like someone or something is trying to annihilate you. You think it’s a psychic attach. And it is… except that it isn’t coming from the outside.

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Who or What is calling the shot in your life? Commitment – new thoughts, new experiences


This is a continuation of the c-word article… and the getting ready for a breakthrough article. Read them first or this article won’t make sense completely

Displacement of your commitment:

As I have written before, the “universe” or the aspect of you that conspires and is in kahutz with the Universe, will put up obstacles in your path, so instead of doing stuff that’s consistent with your commitment, you are now on a detour path: handling your obstacles.

Alex, a friend of mine, is dealing with his server and his websites being hacked… a moment after he made a commitment to growth. So he feels forced to deal with that, instead of following the path he set for himself.
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Attitude in relation to yourself: your self-esteem

self-image,self-esteem are both an attitude towards yourself

Summary: Attitude: the most potent invisible builder or invisible destroyer of your life, of your dreams, of your results, of your relationships. It is invisible to you, but glaringly obvious to others. Isn’t it time you took an inventory and start changing your attitudes, one by one.As an Expanding Human Being, I study. A lot. I study books, movies, people, myself. Sometimes there is no rhyme and reason in my studying, and sometimes, like now, there is.

I have recently found a teacher who teaches people how to become an expert and market themselves as such, online.

Most people that learn from this guy are already experts at some things, but… It is one thing to be an expert, and another to be perceived as an expert. People go by their perception, not by the fact, in reality, people have no idea what they see, only what they perceive.
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How to find your direction?

the calling

Summary: One of the most frequent questions people ask or think is: what is my soul’s purpose? what am I supposed to do with my life? How to live on purpose to get fulfillment, and a sense of life well lived? This article contributes the purpose part…

If you want to do this exercise correctly, you need a distance to see the forest for the trees. With distance comes “Witness” and you begin to see, without the constant chatter of the Mind, that tries to tell you what you should see to look good, to be good, to be socially acceptable, to conform to your own expectations of what’s good… all misleading. Your job is to see what is so, not what should be so.

With distance you see even the time-line. Tendencies, trends, inclinations. You can see what was important and what wasn’t. 1
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How You Lost Your Harmony, Flow And Grace, Or If You Have Lost Them, How To Get Them Back

What is this article about? It is about how the mind is an aberration, how it is like a cancer, how it enrolls you, how to lose your harmony, flow and grace

This article will need me to distinguish a few things, for you, maybe, the second time.

Please bear with me: it will be worth it.

First distinction: Tree of Knowledge.

Tree of Knowledge is a personal phenomenon: if you heard it, learned from another, and it wasn’t your personal experience, any knowledge is Tree of Knowledge. This doesn’t mean it is not true, it only means that you don’t know that. Your mind accepted it as true, but it will not influence how you are, because there was no learning process, training process.

Second distinction: Your invented purpose in life

I invented a purpose for my life some 20 years ago, in a seminar called Integrity.

The process they used was unique, maybe a little off the wall, but it worked really well for me.

The assignment was: observe your life and locate a recurring event or phenomenon that you really can’t stand. Turned it on its head and make a purpose of it for your life.

Some people are continually disappointed that all their efforts don’t produce results and no matter how much they effort, how right they are, how perfectly they do what they do, they tend to end up empty handed.

Others are givers. Give advice, give favors, but somehow no one appreciates them and they are lonely and miserable in the end.

Yet another may go along, unsuspecting, and always crash and burn…
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