Will measuring your vibration prove you are a butterfly?

First let me clarify the terminology: vibration is an invented logarithmic number… It indicates the level you are on the level of evolutionary scale in every area of life, including intellectually, spiritually, emotionally.

Butterfly life:

you can live life on the horizontal plane (caterpillar life) where everything feels personal, attacking, dangerous, offending, painful, dramatic, or the vertical plane, what we could call “heaven on earth” where you are not bothered by stuff… where you experience joy, enthusiasm, love, caring, etc… and get things done, so your life feels worth living.

One of the most frequent things people find my site with, is the question: what is the real difference between a butterfly and a caterpillar, and why you can’t talk butterfly language with caterpillar people. Continue reading “Will measuring your vibration prove you are a butterfly?”