The history of medical science reads like a detective novel, or a conspiracy book.

Each century has its own favorite scapegoat-like cause of disease, a thing they blame everything, and each turns out to be not a comprehensive reason, or not a reason at all. 1

And then, or course, people make fortunes on telling people what to think, what to be scared of, what to try to prevent, pay to have cured… and no one is the smarter.

Especially not the general public. 2

People who rock the boat, people who yell that “the king is wearing no clothes” get put to jail, get killed, get ostracized, and life goes on the way it went before.

OK Who am I  and why you may want to listen to me?

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Vibrational Review: Muse – the brain sensing headband… a meditation device, Ariel Garten and Jordan Peterson

The idea for the Muse came from Ariel Garten, personal vibration 120, a Canadian entrepreneur… curiously deserving a Wikipedia entry, while Dr. Joel Wallach hasn’t. Ugh. Continue reading “Vibrational Review: Muse – the brain sensing headband… a meditation device, Ariel Garten and Jordan Peterson”

Want a world of positive energy? A world on the side of Life?

source-circuitryI am sick to my stomach…

Why? Because people are unaware of the balance of “power” inside them… because people are trying to “give” from ego, thinking they are spreading positive energy in the world.

I am reading a book on Kabbalistic Astrology.

The most important thing, for me, in the book is that unless you have a high enough vibration, you are NOT connected to all-of-it, The Force, Source, or whatever you want to call it, and everything you say, thinking it is positive energy, is instead spreading negative energy.

When I look back at my life, I can see that the turning point was when I first distinguished for myself the duality of desire: desire to receive for the self alone vs. desire to receive for the sake of sharing.

Before that I thought that sharing is always positive energy… and the results in my life were obvious: I was not liked. I gave an awful lot, so much it hurt, and yet nothing came back to me.

I was not receiving energy from the Universe.

So I gave more. I tried to grease the wheels of the Universe… nothing.
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Dr. Mercola and his site… a vibrational review

Dr._Mercola truth value, vibration, arroganceDr. Mercola:

  • his vibration 170
  • his overall IQ including his intelligence 70 (average)
  • the number of spiritual capacities he has 8. A practicing doctor needs 20 capacities… but he is a teacher instead.
  • his soulcorrection (his machine) DOB July 8, 1954. His soulcorrection is the same as mind: Forget Thyself.
  • does he have attachments? no
  • the level of his health 30%
  • the level of his cell hydration 7%

The most important thing you want to get from these numbers: he does not have the capacity and the humility to tell truth from falsehood. He is not connected to the Source of higher truth, because of his arrogance, so what you get is his personal opinion… or worse: his “considered” opinion…

Truth value of his judgments and interpretations: 7%

His website’s truth value: 4%. Very very low… What does it mean? it means that 96% of what the site says is not true.
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Jane Roberts, Seth, other channelers… Vibrational Review

All channelers are fakes, frauds, impostors.

There are no entities that can be channeled.

Reality is a lot simpler than that.

You CAN tune into the Zero Point Field, I have been, but it is much less colorful, much less like the channelers and the entities and the b.s. that is floating out there.

But you are stupid… and you can be told anything, you’ll be fascinated, and blown away.

Here are a few examples:

  • Jane Roberts: personal vibration: 100. Truth value of what she says: less than 1%. Bullshit artist.
  • Esther Hicks: personal vibration: 150. Truth value of what she says: 1%
  • A course in miracles and its author Helen Schucman: personal vibration: 70, 1%

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Does your Third Eye sit on our forehead?

Third-Eye-2Like with all things spiritual, humans in all ages, reversed the statement “god created man to his own image” and created gods to their own image. Ugh…

I am not familiar with all religions, and religions is not what I want to talk about in this post, but it is worth looking how Moses, angry abandoned Hebrew prince, forced to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, saw god as he was, angry, jealous, possessive, vengeful, inhumane, murderous, punishing, etc. Nasty piece of work… lol, not funny.

The Indians with their thousands of gods, their dancing Krishna drinking, eating and having sex with thousands of young girls.

One of the symptoms of this reverse modeling is the chakras: utter nonsense.7% truth value… huh?

One of the chakras is the Third Eye… the video I put up the other day shows what people think it is… seeing what is visible… useless. Why would you want to have third eye capacity if all you are interested in is physical stuff you can see normally.
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A new way to look at the Big Picture… dramatic

zero-point-field-stores-memoriesIt seems that our memories get stored, depending on where the memory is coming from.

Memories through the mind are stored in the brain. Memories through consciousness… unconscious to you, for the most part, are stored in the zero point field.

Even though you have seen a lot, even though you have learned a lot, even though you know a lot, as long as you attempt to retrieve the knowledge with the mind, you’ll come up empty.

When I learned PhotoReading, the whole essence of the technique was to allow consciousness to do both the seeing and the retrieving.

Some people, the moment they left the course, returned to mind reading, and lost the advantage… and the course was expensive.

You need to have your sight, the third eye capacity activated to use the memories in the zero point field, and actually have access to wisdom. The memories stored there are not only your memories, it is all memories by all humans in all ages.
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I had an “interesting” and terrifying experience this past week or two. My brain was taken over…

your brain is taken over by mediaIt started two weeks ago with not having a book to read. So I went back to watching Netflix movies.

I didn’t see that anything I can do will make a difference (yes, me! lol) so passing my time doing something that won’t matter was the “best” choice.

I picked a series called “Chuck” to watch. The series is about a guy who downloads the entire database of the CIA to his brain, and he can access it through flashing: i.e. when he sees something or someone that triggers a “search-found” result in that database.
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Low Vibration? High Vibration? What’s The Difference?

What is Low Vibration? What is High Vibration? Is it really vibration? Why should I have one rather than the other? Really?

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The Mysteries Of The Universe: Can we know the truth?

mysteries-of-the-universeThe Mysteries Of The Universe

The first time I encountered in another myopia and narrow mindedness was about 10 years ago. I was at a class in Colorado, and one of the people there was the creator of Holosync, and I was a regular user, a fan of Holosync at the time. In one of the breaks I shared with this dude the principle of water energizing, only to awaken his wreath: water is water, H2O, what are you talking about? I called him names, I must admit, and have been feeling the wound of one of my gurus having proven himself to be an arsehole. I never used Holosync again. I don’t want to turn out like you, dude… lol.

That actually cost me.
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