Epigenetic shift

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I am not a scientist… so this definition may sound amateurish… because it is.

Epigenetic shift is a change in the DNA where locked, closed, not open aspects of the DNA get opened up.

At this point in science, if my understanding is correct, scientists, geneticists only know about epigenetic shifts by observation, not by being able to see it in the DNA tree.

I muscle test to know.

And I can ask Source to activate a locked, closed, not active capacity to activate. It will, but unless the person needs it to live, it will close down fast.

If you are chased by a bear, and you run as fast as you can, for miles upon miles, the epigenetic capacity of running fast and long may open up in your DNA… says Neal Stephenson in Seveneves… but he is mistaken. An epigenetic shift takes longer need that just one escape.

In fact between 100 and 900 instances of need… this is what muscle testing says.

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