Your First Step To Freedom, Power, Purpose, And Self-Expression

When You Feel You Are Loved, Appreciated -Unconditionally - Life Stops Being An Uphill Struggle


We are told that our parents should love us. That our siblings should love us. That our teacher should love us. That our boy-friends, girl-friends, spouses, children should love us.

So we set out on a quest to earn their unconditional love... which, of course cannot be earned.

Real love can only be given freely, for no reason at all. So, most of us, sadly, spend our lives looking for love to feel whole and complete.

Because Without Love No One Feels Complete

Now you can feel loved...

  • Even if you make mistakes
  • Even if you procrastinate, don't clean your room, or are afraid to do stuff
  • Even if you carry extra weight on your body, or on your soul
  • Even if you did something really really really bad... and you feel guilty about it
  • Even if you don't feel deserving
  • Even if you have never felt loved before
  • Because of this miraculous activator

You will feel like your life just began... and you can start with a clean slate...

Even My Grandson Experienced Transformation, Wow!

Remember, I was the first person to get the Unconditional Love Activator. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I just trusted you that you would not give me anything that is not good for me.

It was amazing. I was buzzing, I was bubbling, I was in heaven.

I didn't quite understand what I was supposed to experience after the activator, but there was something that happened a day after the activator download.

My four and a half year old grandson told me that he was going to stop throwing temper tantrums. I was like "That's great!" and I was wondering what would happen.

Then every day he came home from kindergarten and told me how many days he had been tantrum-free.

On the 21st day me and his mother took him out to celebrate.

He hasn't had a tantrum since, and he stopped being obnoxiously loud and demanding as well.

I am sure it was the Unconditional Love activator that got to him through my history level, as you explained.

Thank you so much to you and Source.

Nancy F in New Jersey

I'm in some kind of awed silence, even the 'monkey' is more quiet this morning

I've listened it yesterday and fell asleep at the very beginning. I woke up at the end of the second round (the player automatically played it again) - slept more than 1 hour!

Surrendering? Since then I'm in some kind of awed silence, even the 'monkey' is more quiet this morning.

You can re-listen it whenever you want and as many times as you want, right?

love it and love you
Belgrade, Serbia

Unclove Infusable - The Remedy Maker

The Unconditional Love Activator audio is near-soundless...

Depending on your vibration level, you can benefit from this audio in two ways:

  1. infuse it in your liquids and consume it. This works for everyone. I infuse it in all my water. I haven't had inside noise for years now... it's like heaven. No noise, not even when I make a mistake. When I am late. When I do something stupid. When I am attempting to do something risky. No noise.
  2. if your vibration is high enough, the audio may work on you directly as well... less effective than the infusion.

If you choose the second option, you need to play the audio day and night. To make it easier on you, I have added the HOE long range to the Unclove Bundle. The Unclove Bundle is an energetic combination of all the 40 energies of the Unconditional Love Activator, combined by Source, just like in the Heaven on Earth: it is an energy bundle.

It is a long range activator, meaning it works on people within a certain radius, whether they know it is playing or not: that is the nature of energy.


WOW! I used the audio on a 24 oz glass bottle of water this morning for an hour and just took a sip of the water - WHOA! Hard to explain but the water tastes fuller, smoother and almost buzzing in my mouth! Very cool!

Just wanted to share 🙂


With this activator as the new "floor" you will be able to start growing, because it firms up your foundation, and set roots so you can grow and expand, to become a human being.
You have 2 options to get it:
Buy it and use it on any mp3 enabled device:

To me the infused water is so smooth, it's like it's weightless once it is in my mouth, it seems to just disappear down my throat 🙂

Do you have a referral or affiliate program setup for your products?

Cheers Jerard

Test it with the Remedy

Test it with the remedy. Why?

  • Because it is irresistible.
  • Because it works on you bypassing your mind and your ego, that don't want you to get the idea of Unconditional Love.

After having had about a thousand people do the meditation, the audios, etc. my experience is that unless you start with the remedy, you'll not get past the mind.

So, get the remedy!


Get your Unconditional Love Remedy

I have recorded myself infusing the audio in water. I have tested it and it works. The results are the same as with the shipped remedy. There is a caveat: the water needs to be coherent. So unless you have the Water Energizer Audio, and unless you are successfully energizing your drinking water, don't buy the Unconditional Love Activator audio...

Here is the button to buy. You can add the audio to your audio chip of the Water Energizer headset or refrigerator mini mp3 speaker, and you'll have Coherent Water with the magical Unconditional Love Activator

P.S. Of course the activator that I recommended to you is guaranteed to work. If it doesn't, you can ask for a refund, and we'll gladly take back the download... knowing that you are returning what you got. We'll return you to the state you were before you received it. This is the deal that we've made with Source. You only need to email your request: and I'll refund your money, no problem.

(My daughter) became very easy going, sings, helps around, has good attitude and hasn't even had a fit yet

I was just going to let you know that your Uncoditional Love activator has the most impact on my daughter. For some reason Hoe and Abundance activator don't affect her in the way that Unclove does. I mean it changes her. She becomes very easy going, sings, helps around, has good attitude and hasn't even had a fit yet.

I mean it's so precious to me. Both of my children are very creative. They create toys, they made up a recipe for clay by digging up dirt and sifting it and mixing with water and make things from that clay, they build, draw, make up recipes and imagine stuff that I can't even come up with in my dreams. I believe your energies help them in that.

I will be playing both now at the same time unc. love activator and abundance and watch them. Thank you.

Live Call Activation

On this call you come to a one-on-one call with me. I will download the Unconditional Love Activator to you. I will note where you resist and will give you pointers how to release the resistance.

The recording of the call also records the energies... Certain energies can be recorded, others can't. The Unconditional Love Activator energies work through the recording as well as they worked on a one-on-one call.

The call is 30-50 minutes long. I record it and give you a copy of it. At this time the price of this call is $250.

In addition to the live call, you get the infusable version of the activator, so you can continue chipping away at what's between you loving yourself, unconditionally.

Please contact me through email to schedule your Live One-on-one activation. If I accept you, I'll send you a payment link to pay for the call... It is at my regular hourly rate.