The God [Melnitsa Animation Studio]

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Directed by Konstantin Bronzit Writing credits Konstantin Bronzit Produced by Alexander Boyarsky Sergei Selyanov Original Music by Valentin Vasenkov Film Editing by Konstantin Bronzit Sound Department Vladimir Golounin Animators Konstantin Bronzit Yuri Ilyin


braunarsch says:

jesus christ whats wrong with you people! im a hindu, thats shiva’s statue, and i found it absolutely hilarious!

mraccident says:

Man, are you for real?
Beyond the pathetic childish reply, of trying to get back at me; because I had a critique on you… do you even understand what “relating to someone”, means?!
You basically said that people sympathies and empathize with me, because I’m a joke; meaning, they are a joke too.

jazzwak says:

Well as for ur part…i’m sure u mus be a very humorous person that ppl can truly relate to as a ‘Living Joke’…..LMFAO 😀

mraccident says:

Man, you really should check your brain for damage. I think, you have one that you don’t understand humor.
Seriously, go check it!

jazzwak says:

Yes, respect to the French Cartoonist and Charlie Hebdo….

jazzwak says:

WHat the fuck are you man. How about you imagining Demir Baba doing it.

jazzwak says:

Why do you Guys even use the most powerful tool “Internet” when you cant even take that freaking effort and go more in to details. Man, how people can be such dumbnut posers. mr told katana that erotic happened by accident “I Love the Knowledge you guys possess.

jazzwak says:

Its not you fault. I guess you have skipped your Mass for a long time. Grow up

jazzwak says:

Darkheir15, for millions of people around the world, it isn’t funny. Trust me man, if it would had been some other Deity. YOU know the problem, everything is funny for us, racism, blasphemy. You crack a joke on a Black, its funny. You see an Asian “WHat a funny accent”. Tell me do we Asians or the Black, even the Hispanics. Do they get what they deserve “RESPECT”. If yes then I will take this Video as FUNNY

jazzwak says:

Mr Ebvest, are your words making any sense. Its not about the Prophet or Shiva or Jesus Christ. This is pure blasphemy. Do you remember the french cartoonist or should i remind you about the South Park controversies. Its not about any individual/s, group’s, this is about the belief of millions of people. I dont care what others believe but i have surely flagged it as inappropriate.

ebvest30 says:

If it had been a muslim prophet…and they had killed the guy who made the video…then the person or person(s) who perform the actual act of KILLING the creator of a video like that….would be breaking a CARDINAL RULE/LAW in every religion……of NOT KILLING……..The problem is…..people forget we all live on one planet….To go about killing people ONLY brings hate and fear upon your own religion/background…..STOP killing…and learn UNDERSTANDING….

DarkHeir15 says:

ikr! I can’t wait! XDDDDDD

LoneWolf69sg says:

gota love the irony here..  ^^

LoneWolf69sg says:

I look forward to seeing them making a similar video of jesus then.. ^^

tobioreo says:

the power of the fly compless you!
hahaha this is awsome

Arok2012 says:

god is everywere he is the univerese itself, we just gave it a name and human characteristics…the only laws that are true are the universal laws, everything else was made up by us.

nagul1003 says:

very poor taste,if this is about muslim propet they would have killed this basterd by now.

CatRock dx says:

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DarkHeir15 says:

I don’t get why people are talking about how religion is being portrayed in this. I’m a Christian who finds this funny. This was meant to be a video everyone can enjoy for 4 minutes and 16 seconds of everyone’s time. Is that really too much to ask?

mosaia8204 says:

dude, thats messed up. how would it be a coincidence that we were all born in the perfect place? did we just apear out of nowhere?

WirelessVirus says:

i agree with you, the video was made for our amusement not fucking religion. who brought that up is a fucking weaboo., point is the video is funny as hell, to all your religeous ass wipes stfu and enjoy the video.

UziManX says:

Typical atheist argument. Listen boy:

The world would have no purpose if God were always helping us. That’s why he leaves us with our problems, because its OUR fault. The starving kids, the 911, its ALL because WE are bullshit. He can only help when we ask him. But if you don’t believe in him.. HOW is he going to help you?


UziManX says:

Typical atheist argument. Listen boy:

The world would have no purpose if God were always helping us. That’s why he leaves us with our problems, because its OUR fault. The starving kids, the 911, its ALL because WE are bullshit. He can only help when we ask him. But if you don’t believe in him.. HOW is he going to help you?


dabangginception says:

lol 911? it’s 9/11 i suppose 🙂

dabangginception says:

its not a she-God. its Lord Shiva.

kokobutterkiss says:

Haha she put her finger up her ass then in her nose and just o my gosh that that is just too funny

MsGulliver9 says:

Fantastic !
우리나라도 이런 퀄리티의 애니?가 많이 만들어지면 얼마나 좋을까요 ㅠㅠ

123darkelf says:

Not to object but its for people to have some faith i mean come on no religion we would have more suicides

Prasad Narse says:

Well, what do you define by The GOD? Your title doesn’t reflect the idea that you want to convey! I doubt it is award winning! Whole concept is not digestible since you are not defining where the hell this all is happening!! Use some LOGIC dude! Animation is an art of telling the “Narrative”. You are not clear in your narrative! Effects and Animation comes afterwords. It must be a Fool who gave you the tag of award winning!!! There is nothing to laugh about such comedy!

erotickatana says:

the spider represents the all-consumer—–> humanity

dabble1000 says:

or the spider?>????

naveendokala says:

do same with ur god ,am not pointing any other religions,god is uniq i agree am seeing god in the name of lord shiva like allah ,jesus,or any,creativity is a art to impress people but it should not play with others sentiments

erotickatana says:

ah, well i’d interpreted that beast as humanity’s blooming wisdom.

mraccident says:

The spider of course.

adityatongo says:

Animation is an art and he is the god of all arts..!!! This kind of video can hurt someone’s sentiments..!!!

libre1999 says:

giati me antigrafeis

piousanya says:

however made this video is just and sad stinky shit

kali4jimi says:

I’m a Saiva and I think this is hilarious.

missygirllikespain says:

and just to put this out there, to all who are hindu, I was raised catholic, (dont practice this any longer) and i happen to think the pic of jesus bouncing on the trampoline saying “wheeeee!” is hilarious. ressurrect and bounce jesus!!!!!

missygirllikespain says:

ok listen. if there is a god, and he is listening, he must have a sense of humor. Look people, life without, and life with laughter are two very different things.

TrumpetCallofGodLT says:

Hear what God of Israel YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH (Son and Father are ONE) saying to our generation by His chosen prophets: Trumpetcallofgodonline. com ; Letter called “Purify Your Faith, and Come to the Father as It is Written”: EXCERPT: “Only in the Bible and through these very Letters, of which I have given to My prophet of the end of this age, shall you find Him and know Him.”






Farizal Tri Anugrah says:

Huahahaha.. 😀

TheGenghisRon says:

Go suck a bag of Dicks. And tell God Ron says fuck you.

TheGenghisRon says:

Oooo scary. Come get me you little prick. God is a lie. Religion is bullshit. Jesus christ look at the world around you people! Wake the fuck up! Are you people really still that blind & stupid? People are starving and dying in the streets, Babies are born every day with birth defects. Wars everywhere, suffering & torture happen every day! Where was God when 911 happened? Or when Hitler rose to power? Was he too busy helping the Cowboys win the super bowl?

sandokan981 says:

i amagine him masturbaiting whit 6 hands…..

homonovus6 says:

ahahah… funny 🙂

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