God’s Eye View

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Check out my latest montage of straight down shots used in films. This type of shot is commonly referred to as a “God’s Eye View” angle. The camera lens is perpendicular to the subject without any POV reference, which gives the viewer an omniscient viewpoint of the character and the surrounding space. The video is cut to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Down Boy” from the “Is Is” album. Oh and there’s lots of death in there too so Happy Halloween!


plaguehater13 says:

Fantastic video. I voted down seekerofenlightenment for ignorance.´╗┐ ­čÖé

phantomfangurl says:

Feel like a´╗┐ god.

togetherandwaiting says:

wow, you did a great job-> very impressive. definitely deserve “top comment” in´╗┐ my book!

shadydem says:

I’m not sure which I like better: the compilation of this view from so many movies or the Yeah Yeah Yeah song, but´╗┐ the combination is fucking incredible. This might possibly be my favorite video on youtube. Ever.

Brandon Sayavong says:

You should do one of the 360 Cam shots where the camera´╗┐ goes around something a bunch

cedyladdp says:

I sometimes dislike this video, so I´╗┐ can like it again..

pietrohh says:

Thanks Ned Flanders´╗┐

vmcclure911 says:

Not only is this an original idea, but your editing is pure genius. Your timing, the way there’s a story arch to the montage, the music, everything is´╗┐ just so great. I seriously can’t stop watching this vid, and I hope you get a job in the industry. You certainly have the talent.

EmeqPL says:


bowling4rhinos says:

I’m a film maker in the animation industry. I swear, I watch this clip at least´╗┐ once a week for inspiration. Talk about deep canvas. This is one of the great edit works of the decade. Thanks for enriching my film mind!

honsco says:

This is such a well made video. You’re a talented person and I’m really jealous of how good you are at these´╗┐ videos.

evileyez504 says:


CoramDeoProduction says:

This is just awesome!!, listen is there anyway you can find some´╗┐ spare time and do the same but for time lapse shots of movies, certain different techniques, like that used in the movie REAL STEEL, simple but dope… i tell you if you keep doing this, we as independent film makers well make this use as reference, kid you not :).. thanks for the video.

Ambarona says:

I wish i could like this video more´╗┐ than once.

pooopcan says:

i swear this is the most amazing thing i’ve´╗┐ ever seen

allineedismusicnlove says:

holy ..´╗┐ i wanna watch ALL these movies

Brandon Sayavong says:

There is only one way to watch this video. Lay your laptop or computer screen on the floor´╗┐ and look down at it.

aykincakaloz says:

My god, religious´╗┐ people are so pretentious… It is a cinematographic term! Do they have to run everything by you to check if it offends god?

TimeParadox33 says:

Thanks to you I listen now to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, excellent vid and choice of music! Too´╗┐ bad your video is blocked in Germany…

CameraShyLimited says:

FACT: You´╗┐ can’t have a good montage of film aspects without a clip from Scott Pilgrim

Tommybeelersaccount says:

You forgot the one from the Wall.´╗┐

deuceheavyweaponzloc says:

i noticed these were from movies when i saw´╗┐ the kik ass and kill bill lol wow u actualy collected all of these thats some good hard work im liking this

Eeba3215 says:

trippy, but interesting.´╗┐

calixalsa says:

Respond to this video…

Thank´╗┐ you so much Stenbocken for indicating the clips! Editcadet1, your editing is quite delicious and the whole thing is quite mesmerizing. I sat down and rewatched it over and over again with my daughter who kept asking me about all the different scenes. Thank you for your work, it shows you truly enjoy what you do! Happy New Year!´╗┐

tqcostain says:

Read the description.´╗┐

ErkkaQ360 says:

Old this is just GTA III´╗┐

kali1457 says:

Favorited´╗┐ this! Spectacular ! :]

Editcadet1 says:

Thanks. I’m not making a statement about what a god views´╗┐ or what anyone else believes. It’s just a film/photography term sometimes used to describe an extreme bird’s eye view angle.

seekerofenlightment says:

If you think that´╗┐ a birds view is God view, you clearly don’t understand what God is.
Still very nice made.

CantThinkofOn3 says:

Wow, this must’ve taken awhile´╗┐ to find all the scenes. Awesome job.

thatdamngiraffe says:

thats the movie ‘the´╗┐ Eagle’

Dar0ck says:

Wow. God has´╗┐ seen so many horrible things.

ClaraDarko2 says:

As a compilation, this is f*ck*ng awesome, man, I take my hat off to you for the colossal work you’ve done. As a music video or a movie montage, it feels redundant and too linear, it lacks climax, so the only reason to watch it more than once is to recognize every movie. But it’s obvious you did it the way you wanted to do it, so still, an amazing compilation.

PS: “Superman” and the Harry Potter saga have some nice straight down shots I don’t see here, I guess you’re not a´╗┐ fan?

MadSpike2009 says:

Love it´╗┐ ­čÖé

shja1007 says:

thx a´╗┐ lot!!!!

Stalky24 says:

Oooh isnt that´╗┐ GTA 2?

ijanx says:

there’s some really freaky scenes´╗┐ that i wish never happens to me nor anyone i know in real life

Nuage151 says:

It’s so weird.. God’s view shots are so unnatural to see yet it can make a scene so´╗┐ powerful.

irhererOfLoL says:

“The video is cut to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Down Boy” from´╗┐ the “Is Is” album.” quoted from the description, lol.

shja1007 says:

Can anyone´╗┐ tell me about the music…?? thx

Sifinland says:

Whats´╗┐ the film at 2:15? Awesome vid btw

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